15 Photos Of Unique Sandwiches That Will Help You Celebrate National Sandwich Day The Right Way

If you're a sandwich addict like I am, you probably already know that Nov. 3 is National Sandwich Day, aka an entire 24 hours dedicated to the world's most versatile and beloved food. If you haven't already planned out your celebratory meals for the day, maybe these insanely creative sandwiches will give you some ideas.

While not every food deserves a national day of recognition — I'm looking at you, rice pudding — sandwiches are more than worthy of the honor. They're the perfect combination of foods: the delicious taste of bread is balanced out with the juicy flavors of meat, the creamy compliments of the cheese, and the perfect crunch of vegetables. No matter how picky or adventurous you are, I'm confident there is a sandwich out there for you. Not into eating animal products? Veggie sandwiches are more than enough to fill you up at any meal. Not a fan of bread? Collard greens make great wrap substitutes. Dairy-free? Skip the cheese! Hot or cold, big or small, they're the kind of food you can eat any time of day. They are, quite possibly, the world's most perfect food.

So, are you ready to celebrate pure deliciousness? Here are 15 creative sandwiches that will ensure you do National Sandwich Day the right way.

1. Sushi Sandwich

Just when you thought sushi couldn't get any better: it became a sandwich.

2. Giant Grilled Cheese

The only thing better than a regular grilled cheese? A jumbo-sized one.

3. Doughnut Breakfast Sandwich

Can't decide between a donut and an egg and cheese for breakfast? With this deliciously creative sandwich, you never have to.

4. Chicken And Waffle Sandwich

The perfect meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this creative concoction combines ingredients made for each other.

5. Smoked Turkey And Cheddar Cheese Face

A face so cute, you can literally eat it.

6. Weight Sandwich

Do you even lift sandwiches, bro?

7. Owl Sandwich

Whooooo wants sandwiches? I know I do.

8. Grilled Cheese Roll-Up

Who says sandwiches have to be flat?

9. Piano Ham And Cheese

The perfect sandwich? That's music to my ears.

10. Crab Sandwich

It doesn't get more literal than this.

11. Open Faced Sandwich

OK, so maybe it does get more literal — and a whole lot prettier

12. Brie, Strawberry, And Chocolate Toasted Sandwich

You've had them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but now, you can have a sandwich for dessert.

13. Playing Card Sandwiches

They say not to play with your food, but no one would blame you when it comes to this meal.

14. Snail Sandwich

Don't worry, this sandwich doesn't actually have snails in it, but it still may be too cute to eat.

15. Fries Sandwich

Um, is this a literal dream? No. It's RL.

Image: Tom Sodoge/Unsplash