Where To Buy Tarte x Grav3yard Girl’s Swamp Queen Palette Now That It's Been Restocked

Anyone else besides me —a professional concertgoer, mind you— think the best thing about a show is the encore? Even if you already know your fave artist will return to the stage for additional songs, there's something so thrilling about that reprise. Well, the Tarte x Grav3yard Girl x Swamp Queen Palette is back for an encore. This beloved eye and cheek collab came out earlier this summer and featured beautiful matte and shimmer texture shadows and blushes in a well-balanced mix of dark and light shades. The graphics and packaging were deliciously rough around the edges and all those elements combined made this collection a "must buy." Where can you buy the Tarte x Grav3yard Girl Swamp Queen Palette, now that it has been restocked?

The limited edition, full face Tarte x Swap Queen Palette is currently available via the Tarte site. The price is $45 and there is a limit of three palettes per customer. Since the set is not a permanent addition to Tarte's offerings, your best bet is to scoop one up now before it's gone for good.

Swamp Queen is back just in time for the holiday shopping season, as well.

Dive into all those pretty, pigment-packed shades! Wait for it, wait for it... NOW!

The Swamp Palette is a terrific mix of shades, ensuring you can change up your eye makeup as dramatically or as simply as you wish.

No, really! These earthy swatches display the depth of the shades and demonstrate how they will take you from day to night or from subtle and bronzed to sultry and smoky.

Not many makeup palettes utilize an alligator in their packaging. But not every makeup palette or blogger x brand collab is the SQ Grav3yard Girl x Tarte collabo.

I love this palette because the colors are expertly paired and laid out in a way that makes them easy to customize and play with.

Hurry to the Tarte site and scoop up a Swamp Queen Palette. OK, bye.

Images: Tarte Cosmetics/Instagram (1); Courtesy of Tarte (3)