How To Get The H&M x Kenzo Emojis So You Can Celebrate The Collection

When words don't or won't suffice, you can totally turn to emojis. Emojis can be an essential shorthand and communication tool, even in fashion. The H&M x Kenzo clothing collection, which drops on Thursday, Nov. 3. and signifies another mania-inducing, high x low mashup between the discount, fast fashion retailer and a luxe brand, is almost too fashionable for words. That's due to the collection's adventurous prints and pairings. Perhaps that's why the H&M x Kenzo collab has its own set of emojis — so fashion lovers and fans can communicate most effectively. Where can you get the H&M x Kenzo emojis, so that you can join this fun, digital x fashion conversation?

The H&M x Kenzo emojis are available for both the iPhone and the Android. Per the caption of the Instagram post, search for "EMOTIKENZO" in the App Store and proceed to communicate with your friends or fellow clotheshorses.

Below is the Instagram post detailing how to grab the new emojis. The emojis consist of pieces of clothing from the much-anticipated collection between these two fashion giants. Another worthwhile perspective? If you get shut out from shopping this collection due to a potential quick sellout, the emojis can be a consolation prize... perhaps?

Observe the H&M x Kenzo emojis.

Keyboard fun is on the way.

The H&M x Kenzo emojis are action in the space of a text on the left. There are your choices on the right, as well. OMG, I better not even go down this rabbit hole. I'll never escape. This looks like too much fun.

Oh, and the real thing is pretty slaytastic, too!

Who's stoked about H&M x Kenzo, which drops in a day?

There has to be an emoji that effectively express how you (and I) feel about this killer, fashion forward collab! I guess you'll need to nab the app to find the right... character.

Images: H&M/Instagram (2); Courtesy of H&M (2)