'Countdown Name' App Changes Your Twitter Name To An Election Day Countdown

Well, the final countdown to the 2016 presidential election has officially begun. And what better way to remind yourself of the remaining days than with your own personal countdown you see every time you log into Twitter? That's exactly what one such app does: The Countdown Name app changes your Twitter name to the Election Day countdown, ensuring that you'll never be able to forget the big day. I mean, it's not like you were going to forget anyway, but hey — it's one more reminder.

Every election brings its own controversy and debate, but this one in particular has been extra spicy. With the nominees narrowed down to one who will possibly become our first female president and... Donald Trump (I know — I'm still confused about this too)... it's an election that many of us have been dying to get our hands on and speak our minds. And that's exactly what'll happen in less than a week.

If you're as excited as I am for the election season to come to a close, this app is for you. Created by Max Temkin of Cards Against Humanity and programmer Alex Soble, Countdown Name is easy to use and allows you to change your Twitter name with just a few clicks. Keep reading for a quick step-by-step of how you can do it. Happy Almost Election Day!

1. Go To Countdown Name's Main Website

That would be www.countdownname.com. Click where it says "Sign in with Twitter."

2. Enter Your Username And Password As You Normally Would

Sign in like usual.

3. Your Twitter Name Has Been Updated

This page confirms that your new Twitter name is the election countdown. You can go back to Twitter to see what it actually looks like.

4. How To Remove The Countdown App

As the confirmation page said, you of course have the option to remove the app and return to your normal Twitter name. To do this, click on your tiny profile picture on the top right corner and go to the Settings page, which will look like the picture above. You'll see there's an option for Apps. Click this, and it takes you here:

I had to scroll down a bit to see Days Left Til Election. Click "Revoke access" to take away their permissions. The app should now look like this.

Doing this will not return your Twitter name to what it was prior. You need to do that manually. Go back to your profile page and click "Edit profile.

This will allow you to update the fields of your profile.

Where it says "6 days til election" (or however many days), click and type in the Twitter name you want, and hit "Save changes."

Boom! Back to me.

Images: Megan Grant/Bustle (10)