Who Is Thomas Dinley On 'Salem'? Marilyn Manson Has A Terrifying Role

Sure, Halloween may be over but that doesn't mean we can't continue to enjoy a little spooky fun. If you were looking for something to keep you scared through November, I have good news. Salem Season 3 premieres on Nov. 2 and the period horror series is chock full of creepy, witchy goodness — and is a supremely underrated, in my humble opinion. The season premiere is bringing an exciting new guest star whose own background suggest he'll add even more darkness to the gothic drama. Hold on to your brooms, folks, because Marilyn Manson is playing Thomas Dinley on Salem.

Manson's character is Salem's new barber/autopsy technician/surgeon, who also dabbles in alchemy. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Manson said that when he received the phone call about the role, he was on board it before he even knew who the character was. The series' creator then explained that he would be playing, "A barber that gives autopsies and travels somewhere in between the worlds of the dead and the living, and he has to deal with all of the things that witchcraft has caused and can't fix – basically the alchemical end."

Playing such a complex character isn't exactly an easy guest starring excursion for anyone to take on. However, Manson had no reason to be nervous, as he told Rolling Stone about the above description, "That's pretty much my interest in regular life, so it would be the perfect fit." Manson also already has a connection to Salem, as he sings the theme song, "Cupid Carries A Gun." I've actually been wondering whether he'd ever make a cameo.

SalemWGNA on YouTube

As you probably noticed in the promo above, it's jarring to see Manson without makeup and dressed in dirty, plain, period garb. It adds a certain uneasiness to an already terrifying character. If you're not intimidated by Thomas yet, Manson told the Los Angeles Times that the barber does more than give his customers a close shave or perform the occasional autopsy. LA Times. "He likes to serve up Sweeney Todd-style sausages for snacks," he said. So it's safe to say that viewers can expect Salem's signature gore to be taken up a few notches in Season 3.

In fact, we may be seeing the emergence of a witch-hysteria era serial killer because Manson also told the newspaper that Thomas is, “A childish sociopath who’s curious about what’s inside a human. His way of finding out is cutting them open, and sometimes before they’re dead.” That certainly sounds like the makings of a serial killer to me. With Manson taking on this chilling role, Season 3 is sure to be Salem's creepiest yet.

Image: WGN