The New David Bowie Emojis Are Perfect For All Those Electric Moments In Life

And there you were, thinking it was just your average Wednesday, wwhen you've run clean out of #Mondaymotivation and the weekend's not close enough to go for some margaritas after work. But, nope, this is the day that everything changes, because this is the Wednesday you learn that Apple is releasing David Bowie emojis. Now, everything is wonderful. The Bowie-inspired singer emojis are part of the new set of emojis that will appear on Apple's upcoming iOS 10.2 update and which are all sorts of badass. Forget ladies painting their nails and salsa-ing. For the first time ever that the new emojis include female judges, teachers, firefighters, astronauts, and plumbers, and this focus on gender equality has been extended to the Bowie emojis.

They come in both male (blue haired) and female (pink haired). The obvious inspiration for the emojis is Bowie's iconic album cover for his 1973 release Aladdin Sane, though the emoji artists at Apple have given it their own spin. Since they're supposed to represent singers, both emojis come complete with their own microphones and look a little more awake than Bowie on Aladdin Sane.

In an interview with Rolling Stone , Bowie explained the iconic makeup, stating he meant it to be interpreted as a:

Lightning bolt. An electric kind of thing. Instead of, like, the flame of a lamp, I thought he would probably be cracked by lightning. Sort of an obvious-type thing, as he was sort of an electric boy.

And this is probably why the Bowie emoji is so compelling. Sure, we've got tons of emojis for your everyday stuff — for phones and for modes of transport or for "Bye Felicia" (nail polish emoji, right?). But maybe Apple's historically been cynical, because what we've lacked are the emojis for the really magical moments. The moment you find out you graduated first in your class or the day you run into your cute otherworldly neighbor in the hall and start forming the beginnings of a truly epic crush. Are those little party streamer emojis really enough to cover that? Nope.

So let's give thanks to Apple on this important day; now we can all be electric girls and boys, thanks to the winning combination that is Bowie and emoji.

Images: RCA Records