Becky Making Big Moves On 'Empire' Is An Important Step For Her Character

Oh, Becky. Sweet, sweet Becky. She’s been among the best parts of Empire since Season 1, and it’s time that Becky got her due. She’s trying to be the head of A&R at Empire Enterprises — she got passed over for some random white guy that tries to talk street, and I can’t — and she keeps getting shut down. Well, Becky finally asserted herself at work on Empire , and, even though it didn’t all go her way, I’m so glad that she is trying to carve out a niche for herself.

Becky started out as Lucious’ assistant, and then, with all of the machinations and crazy splits that happened in Empire Enterprises, she ended up in A&R at Empire and at the imprint Gutter Life Records. Great. Except she’s not really doing anything over there. Right now, Becky’s main focus is Tiana, and Tiana is not feeling that her first single on her new album should be “Me.” Unfortunately, Cookie and random A&R guy do.

Even though Becky tries to change the song to the one that Tiana actually likes, she gets shut down. This is clearly a recurring theme for her. Becky decides to take matters into her own hands, lie to Tiana, record the song that Tiana wants, and deal with the consequences later. The track comes out great, but random A&R guy is all “this isn’t a good idea” and Becky yells at him for mansplaining, and I love it. Ultimately, Cookie is pissed Becky lied and pushes back Tiana’s album release so they can record “Me,” Tiana is pissed that Becky lied and that her album gets pushed back, and Becky is pissed that no one stood up for her. She gets removed from Tiana’s team and is back to square one. Crap.


While it’s annoying that Becky’s plans blew up in her face, I am so glad that she’s finally asserting herself. For years, she lived under Lucious’ shadow, and I’m sure his every whim. But, now, Becky is trying to forge her own path. I think she’s realizing now that the lying and cheating she’s used to from Cookie and Lucious aren’t going to work for her, and she has to figure out how she is going to get ahead on her own terms. Honestly, Becky is too pure of heart to be like a Lyon. She’ll figure out her own way soon, even if she fails a few times first.

Images: Jean Whiteside/FOX; Giphy