All The Reasons 'Arrow' Shouldn't Keep Olicity Apart Any Longer, Since It Makes Absolutely No Sense

Hey there, it's me. Your unabashed, resident, professional Olicity shipper. Have you seen Arrow yet this season? Because if you have, you know that *deep, labored sigh* Oliver and Felicity are still not together after breaking up last season. And there's that whole thing where they haven't made any moves to get back to that point either. This is probably why Entertainment Tonight asked Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards about Olicity's "future." I mean, fans were all wondering what's going to happen between them, considering there has been nothing other than some longing glances and a few nice talks to go on. As ET perhaps more candidly put it, the "heart-pounding romance scenes have disappeared."

The explanation for that? Amell apparently told ET, "I think they both love each other very much and care about each other, but that doesn’t always mean that people are together." But why, Amell? Why? Unfortunately, it only gets more confounding from there. Rickards proclaimed something quite similar and said, "I feel like they still have a really deep connection and they just need to grow apart ... You do grow apart, sometimes, before you can grow together." I don't know about you, Arrow fans, but I'm just kind of like, "Huh?"

If Oliver and Felicity "love each other very much" and "care about each other," why aren't they together? Or why aren't viewers seeing them trying to attempt to "grow apart" to get back to that point? I get breakups and time apart, but I don't get the neglect of this relationship and the connection between the two in general. Especially from Oliver, who has some serious apologizing to do.

Anyway, here's why keeping Olicity apart makes no sense, because I am perplexed.

1. They Were Almost Married

Like, they weren't just dating or knocking boots (though, they were definitely doing that too *wink*). These two superheroes lived together, were engaged, said actual vows to one another multiple times, and literally walked down the aisle. So now they're just ... pals with semi-decent banter? On what Earth does that feel in line with all of Olicity's progress? Why is Oliver still not begging for "his always'" forgiveness?

2. The Audience Is Invested In Them


We are Barry. Barry is us. Fans sat in front of that TV for four whole painstaking seasons watching them transition from head-butting partners to best friends to devoted fiancés. Heck, the reason I even started watching Arrow in the first place is because I heard about this "Olicity" and needed to witness such ~epic romance~ for myself. This kind of progression and build-up is not something that a committed and loyal audience easily forgets.

3. Fans Have Been Here Before


I get it, honest. The life of the Green Arrow is dangerous. Oliver is a dumb idiot who reverts back to his old self when put in a pickle. That's great. But like, it's Season 5, TPTB. Fans have seen that Oliver can change and was willing to, all with Felicity's help. So why are they rehashing this whole thing all over again?

4. Other Love Interests Will Inevitably Fall Short


It's a curse on any poor fool who thinks they're going to come after Oliver for Felicity and Felicity for Oliver, and make any sort of lasting impression. There's already Felicity's boyfriend and I'm pretty sure I don't even know his name. So, that's all I have to say about that. Don't even get me started on a possible love interest for Oliver in the future. He told Felicity she was his "always" and she was also the last thing he thought off before he was pushed off a cliff to what should have been his inevitable death. How does one even begin to compare? They can't. So what's the point?

5. Their Chemistry Has Only Intensified This Season


*Holds this up in front of the Arrow writers' room window like John Cusack à la Say Anything* Do I have to explain? This really speaks for itself. You can't duplicate this kind of on-screen sizzle and you shouldn't really try to either. Olicity is unique in its deviation from comic canon. Olicity is what works on screen. And this is a TV show I'm talking about here. Unless you're reading the subtitles, then I guess some kind of literature comes into play. But Oliver and Felicity's spark as a couple is what I like most about them anyway. Besides, um, if you know the comic book Oliver Queen, you wouldn't really like him much as a romantic partner for anyone anyway.

I'm making "Olicity or Bust" picket signs. Who's with me?

Images: CW; carpediemwithme, westallenolicitygifs/Tumblr