9 Bizarre But Effective Things To Fight Body Odor That You’ve Never Heard Of

The future kind of freaks me out. I’m one of those people who’s wary of self-driving cars and technology that talks to you, because it could only mean one thing: robot apocalypse. Nonetheless, I’m so thankful for the internet. It’s opened my eyes to solutions to body odor that I never would’ve known about (had I done all my deodorant shopping in the drugstore), and it’s also opened my eyes to the various health concerns surrounding your typical antiperspirants.

After a long and drawn-out struggle with armpit sensitivity, disrupted thyroid hormones, and the not so nose-friendly frustrations associated with going all natural, I figured it was time I sat down at my computer and really studied up. All of the aforementioned caused me to do some serious research about weird natural deodorants and odor-fighting methods you haven’t tried yet, but should.

My findings? Some unlikely natural ingredients are actually really effective at keeping you dry and fresh anywhere on your body — things like beeswax, charcoal, clay, tea tree, and mineral salts, and tons of forward-thinking companies have started to utilize these ingredients in their products. Check out some of the weirdest but most effective options that the internet has to offer.

1. Cover Your Body In Clay And Beeswax

Routine De-Odor-Cream, $25, Amazon

With beyond-weird ingredients like clay and beeswax, Routine De-Odor-Cream isn’t your average deodorant, but it does work. It’s got a smooth paste-like consistency that’s totally natural and absorbs moisture while it keeps odor-causing bacteria at bay with essential oils.

2. Wipe These Salty Towels All Over

CRYSTAL Essence Mineral Deodorant Towelettes, $9, Amazon

Soap? Antibacterial solution? Nope, these CRYSTAL Essence mineral deodorant towelettes are covered in mineral salt, and they create an invisible barrier that blocks odors from reaching the surface of your skin. They’re totally natural, and because they’re in wipe form, you can use them all over your body, anywhere you happen to be.

3. Replenish The Good Bacteria On Your Skin

Mother Dirt AO+ Mist Live Probiotic Skin Spray, $49, Amazon

The reason why people get body odor can be because the odor-causing bacteria outweighs the friendly bacteria (or flora) that’s supposed to keep it in check. Mother Dirt AO+ Mist live probiotic skin spray is specifically created to feed and replenish that healthy bacteria, thus creating balance that keeps your skin healthy and smelling great.

4. Fight Odor With Apple Cider Vinegar

Restoar Apple Cider Vinegar Face Toner, $24, Amazon

While Restoar's apple cider vinegar face toner is designed to give you a gorgeous even skin tone, it’s actually really effective at controlling body odor. Here’s why: It’s made with organic apple cider vinegar, which is a natural antiseptic, and it neutralizes smells because of the friendly microorganisms that fight other bacteria.

5. This Murky Charcoal Mixture That Really Works

Naturally Sourced Charcoal Deodorant, $12, Amazon

This Naturally Sourced charcoal deodorant seems a little unnerving due to its dark grayish color and mush-like consistency, but that’s only because it’s made with charcoal and tea tree — two ridiculously effective ingredients when it comes to absorbing moisture and killing odor-causing bacteria. It’s got rave reviews because it absorbs quickly, won’t ruin your clothes, goes on easy, and genuinely works.

6. This Crystal Rock Made Of Salt

Crystal Deodorant Stick, $12, Amazon

I just got myself this Crystal deodorant stick, and I have to say, however bizarre it may be, I’ll never again use an alternate form of deodorant. It coats your underarms in a layer of bacteria-blocking mineral salts that still allow the skin to breathe, but entirely stops the odor. Best of all, it doesn’t stain my clothes, it doesn’t burn, and it doesn’t have any unnatural chemicals in it.

7. A Rosemary Room Freshener That Works On Your Body

Indigo Wild Zum Mist Aromatherapy Spray, $11, Amazon

Rosemary stops body odor because it’s naturally anti-bacterial, and this Indigo Wild Zum Mist aromatherapy spray is made with 100 percent pure essential oils (rosemary included) to safely and effectively eliminate odors. You can use it on your clothes or in your room, but it’s also totally safe for use on your body, as well.

8. This Foot Spray Inspired By Your Spice Cabinet

TriNova Natural Shoe Deodorizer, $14, Amazon

With ingredients that you’d be more likely to find in your spice cabinet than your beauty products, TriNova natural shoe deodorizer is definitely a weird one. That being said, the mint and thyme really do work to keep your feet and shoes smelling fresh without any chemicals, and the athletes, nurses, construction workers, and sock-haters in the review section are all totally thrilled.

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