These Women Tried To Get Off In 3 Minutes, And Wow

There are a lot of new sex toys that claim bigger and stronger orgasms, but this might be the biggest claim I've heard in a while. The Womanizer — not a great name for a sex toy, in my humble opinion, but let's roll with it — says that it can make you (or most women) orgasm in two to three minutes. Now, I'm a fast orgasmer and sometimes I definitely finish that quickly, but only sometimes. And I've never used a toy that's really changed my speed that much, besides maybe the first few times I used one. Can a sex toy really promise a regular return like that?

The secret is that it doesn't work like a normal vibrator. In fact, it's not really a vibrator at all. It's more of an air stimulator. There's more of a suction of air around the clitoris that mimics oral sex. Bustle writer Amanda Chatel tried it out last year and got off in four minutes.

And now, three young women over at Buzzfeed decided to see if The Womanizer (god, I really hate that name) lived up to expectations. And how did it go? Well, spoiler alert, the whole thing seemed really really intense.

The Deets

OK, so apparently it takes the average woman takes 10 to 20 minutes to orgasm. That doesn't sound too bad, right? Well...

The Claim

Damn. The Womanizer claims to get it down to 2-3 minutes for most women. I mean, I can't even find my vibrator in 2-3 minutes, but I'm excited to see how this plays out.

Contestant 1

Like a lot of women, she's orgasmed by herself but has never orgasmed with a partner before and is concerned something might be off.

Contestant 2

On the other hand, we have this woman who was sent home from kindergarten for masturbating and presumably for making that face.

Contestant 3

I like her, because although she's skeptical, she's ready to "bring on the sexual empowerment".

So How Does It Work?

Apparently really effing well. Please look at her "HOLY F*CKING SH*T I CAME IN EXACTLY THREE MINUTES" face and tell me this product doesn't seem full of joy.

You Thought That Was Fast?

"Less than a minute and 30 seconds," I guess that says it all.

It's All About The Confidence

OK, so the first time she didn't orgasm, but she said it's only because her roommates were nearby.

But then another try, it worked! It took like 12 minutes, but it did the trick. And even better? She said it got her out of her sexual rut and that she's more ready and confident in telling her partner what she wants and likes. I'm all about it.

So all of these women seemed to converts, saying it's especially good for the time-poor who may not have the time to have a leisurely masturbation session but still want to feel like superwoman. The price ($145) is steep, but if you're stuck or in or a rut then it certainly looks worth a try.

Images: Buzzfeed /YouTube