Red, White, And Blue Food Ideas For Election Night That Are Simple & Delicious

It's no secret that the upcoming election is as tension-filled as it gets. If you're planning on getting together with friends and family to watch the election results rollin in real time on Nov. 8, you may be worried that the tension will carry over to your get together — and that's an understandable fear! But there's no need to fret: although the say will be unavoidably wrought with stress until it's over, there are ways to at least slightly alleviate it, and one of those ways is through your party's menu. Why not go with a theme? Like, say, red, white, and blue election party food? You know, get your patriotism on, we know you've been avoiding it.

Instead of a Trump vs. Clinton theme, just switch the focus all together. You've already voted, so you've got noting to do but wait, and just root for America to pull it together and make the right choice. That's why you should consider going all out with some red, white, and blue-themed party platters. Whatever happens, at least your Instagram pictures will look boss.

Besides, these dishes are fun and festive and will make people really feel like they're at a theme party – even if it's just you and your roommate on the couch holding a box of tissues and an oxygen tank incase the end is near. These are some super easy red, white, and blue themed recipes that you can whip up for your party:

Potato Party


Pull together some red potatoes, blue potatoes and golden potatoes, chop them up, toss them in olive oil, salt and pepper and rosemary. Then bake them at 425º F until they're at your desired crispness.

Mixed Berry Yogurt Pops


First, you'll need some popsicle molds. Then, you'll need some vanilla yogurt, some blueberry yogurt, and some strawberry yogurt. Layer the flavors on top of each other, scoop by scoop, in each mold. Then stick them in the freezer to firm up. Pass out as a dessert.

M&M Pizza


If you've always wanted an excuse to try it ever since you saw it in The Princess Diaries, well — here's your chance! Pick out some blue M&Ms and sprinkle them over the top of a cheese pizza.

Flag Cake


Why not make a good ol' flag cake? You can use any cake mix you like — for this cake, it's what's on the outside that counts. Once it's cooled, cover it with a whipped topping or vanilla icing, then create a flag out of blueberries and cut strawberries. Instant classic.

Patriotic S'mores


Just add some raspberry and blackberry jam to your regular s'mores programming for some extra delicious taste range and some good ol' red, white and blue. Make sure you have napkins handy, this will be pretty ooey-gooey.

Jelly & Jelly Tea Sandwiches


Get yourself some old school white bread, as well as strawberry and blueberry jam. Prepare with jams in panels so that their colors don't mix too much. Then, add the second slice of bread on top and press firmly. Cut into four quarters and serve as appetizers.

Ice Cream Sundae Bar


Put out some vanilla, blueberry, and strawberry ice cream and little dishes of other patriotic-colored toppings. Sprinkles, berries, sauces, mochi cubes, whipped cream, white chocolate chips, M&Ms, gummy bears and jelly beans — it all works. Let your guests go nuts, they're going to deserve it.

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