Right-Wing Approved Contraception "Plan GOP" Promises to Stop Empathy Before It Starts!

Do you have a baby on the way? Congratulations! As the book says, there’s a lot to expect when you’re expecting — but one thing you may not be able to plan for is which direction your child leans on the political spectrum. Worried that your little one might grow up to have empathy for others? To believe in equal opportunities for all? Or even — gasp! — to become an environmentalist? Horrors upon horrors!

Luckily, though, there’s now a way to avoid these unspeakable possibilities: Plan GOP, the only right wing-approved birth control option. It’s a safe and easy way to prevent your offspring from developing any qualities that might result in left-leaning tendencies:

Rod Blackhurst on YouTube

Obviously this slightly off-color yet hilarious video is a parody. A creation of director and producer Rod Blackhurst, it features a number of known comedians, including Rachel Drummond of "Swagger Wagon," Chris Farley’s brother Kevin, and Comedy Central’s Michael Torpey. And obviously not all Republicans have this mindset, either — but given cases like the Hobby Lobby lawsuit currently being heard by the Supreme Court, it’s definitely a relevant reminder of an important issue. Either way the ruling goes, it’s going to have a profound effect on more than just reproductive rights for generations to come. Food for thought, no?

Image: Rod Blackhurst/YouTube