What's In Motif's Cassandra Bankson Collection? The Pieces Are Gorgeous

Blogger collaborations are becoming all the rage as of late. From YouTubers pairing with cosmetics brands to their work with accessory labels, there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. But there's a new one on the way that's doing more than just promoting their fame: Motif's Cassandra Bankson collection is proof that your favorite bloggers have a multitude of talents. Bankson is taking hers into the style world via some truly beautiful, delicate, and impactful jewelry with Motif.

Bankson became well-known online as a result of her frankness about struggles with cystic acne. You may know her from her YouTube channel (formerly known as Diamonds and Heels). It was her video on concealing her acne that skyrocketed her to internet fame. However, it's her continuing desire to inspire women, work to combat bullying, and and confidence that has kept her fans coming back for more. It's these things that have also inspired her collection with Motif.

The delicate, beautiful pieces are dedicated to inspiring self-confidence and positivity in the wearers, and if you're familiar with Bankson, you'll recognize at least some elements of the collection. One of the pieces is a stunning butterfly that mirrors the same one you can see in the header image on her YouTube channel. It's clear that the collection was made to beautifully reflect Bankson, but it's also perfect for everyone.

The collection debuts this month, so it can be all yours soon.

The collection retails from $39-$109. It's definitely affordable so you don't need to worry too much about the price point.

The pieces are definitely everyday appropriate as well. The Motif x Cassandra Bankson Collection can easily be made into a staple for your wardrobe.

Be sure to scoop up the gorgeous collection from Motif and Cassandra Bankson here. With it's beautiful gold tones, delicate design, and message from the designer, it's a must-have.

Images: Motif