Mila Kunis Promises To Stop Compromising Regarding Sexism & It's An Inspirational Statement Of Self-Worth

Another powerful woman in Hollywood is speaking out. In an essay published on A Plus on Wednesday, Mila Kunis opened up about her experiences working as a woman in Hollywood, and what she had to say about the subject of sexism is powerful and inspiring. Like so many big wigs in the industry that have recently come out about their experiences as women in Hollywood, Kunis admitted that she has been belittled, objectified, and actually threatened to do things that she was not comfortable with. But that all stops now. In the essay, Kunis took a firm stand, demanding respect for herself and her female cohorts. She also promised that she will no longer compromise herself or her work by collaborating with anyone who degrades her.

It’s a strong message, one that was inspired by a time in Kunis’ career when she was told that she would “never work again” if she didn't pose semi-nude for a cover shoot. The actor refused and used the example to show what other women can do to stand up for themselves in similar situations. Compromising your beliefs in order to get ahead, Kunis’ piece argued, does not do any real work toward helping women actually get ahead. It’s when women stop compromising themselves and their work that real progress can start being made.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And that is just what Kunis plans on doing from here on out. She gave the example of a project that she recently pulled out of after receiving an email from an executive associated with it that read, "And Mila is a mega star. One of biggest actors in Hollywood and soon to be Ashton's wife and baby momma!!!" The fact that this executive was hinging her worth on her marital and maternal status was her breaking point. In the most powerful moment from the essay, Kunis declared what that experience made her realize:

I'm done compromising; even more so, I'm done with being compromised. So from this point forward, when I am confronted with one of these comments, subtle or overt, I will address them head on; I will stop in the moment and do my best to educate. I cannot guarantee that my objections will be taken to heart, but at least now I am part of creating an environment where there is the opportunity for growth. And if my comments fall on deaf ears, I will choose to walk away.

If that isn’t enough to give you chills and the courage to stand up for yourself in future interactions, I honestly don’t know what is.