Is Jeffree Star's Regina George Highlighter Limited Edition? Marks Your Calendars, Fans

Jeffree Star made his fans excessively happy on Wednesday when he announced a new addition to his line of gorgeous Skin Frosts. Star is known for crafting unique hues, and the hot pink of Jeffree Star's Regina George Skin Frost is no different. The bad news, though? The highlighter that's perfect for cosmetic and Mean Girls fans alike won't be around forever. While that's clearly a sad day for newfound fans of the product, it somehow just makes this product even better. Not only is it unique but its limited-edition status is going to make it a must-have.

Star announced the stunning new shade on Wednesday, and the significance of that shouldn't be overlooked. After all, as any true Mean Girls fan would know, on Wednesdays you wear pink. Probably not so coincidentally, Star debuted Regina George on Wednesday afternoon. Basically everything from the color to the name to the day of the debut was beautifully coordinated.

While fans are clearly excited about the new Skin Frost — Twitter is lit with responses — they'll need to grab it quick when it debuts on Black Friday because this beauty is limited edition. Let's be honest, though, would the real Regina George want it any other way? If she were going to be a product, she'd totally be limited edition.

Star took to Twitter to make the announcement after showing Regina George on Snapchat and cross posting it to Instagram. In his tweets, Star did confirm that not only is the Skin Frost special for the holidays but it's also, unfortunately, limited edition.

While this news is kind of a bummer for Star enthusiasts, it didn't stop fans from going in on Twitter with Mean Girls references and excitement.

*Raises hand*

Seriously, these fans are clever AF.

Mark your calendars for Nov. 25 because on Black Friday, you'll be able to snag the new highlight. Be sure to purchase it fast, too, because this limited edition Regina George highlight is going to slay.