'Parks & Recreation' Predicted The Cubs' World Series Win & Lucy Really Deserves All Of The Credit

After 108 years, the Chicago Cubs finally won their first World Series title. Really, it's something baseball fans should've seen coming thanks to one hit NBC comedy. Do you remember when Parks and Recreation predicted the Cubs' World Series win? To be clear, if anyone deserves the credit for predicting the win, it is Natalie Morales' character, Lucy. Before the Cubs even beat the Cleveland Indians Wednesday night, actor Natalie Morales tweeted on Oct. 24, "There is a chance Lucy predicted the future." That she did, Morales. That she did.

If you recall, in the final season, there was a time jump to 2017, which found Tom and Andy taking a trip to Chicago to visit Lucy in Episode 2, titled "Ron & Jammy." Acting as their tour guide, Lucy showed Tom and Andy around the city. They ended up passing Wrigley Field with Lucy declaring, "And obviously everyone's in a really good mood now because of the Cubs winning the World Series." Whoa. That's pretty crazy, right?

Before you say, "That was in 2017, not 2016," Lucy could've been referring to the year 2016. She never said what year the Cubs won, and we don't know at what point in 2017 this was taking place. If Lucy, Tom, and Andy were walking around any time before November 2017, then she would have meant 2016. Morales agrees with me too. A fan tweeted her, "techinically in 2017 though, right?" To which she responded, "well she could be talking about 2016 :)"

Even Parks and Rec co-creator Mike Schur commented on the somewhat eerie coincidence while chatting with The Washington Post in October. "It’s not like I was only person who thought the Cubs were going to be good," he said. "Every baseball writer in America knew the Cubs were going to be good. I can’t emphasize enough how little credit I feel like I should take for that prediction."

He then added, "It’s a little like, if we had predicted [in the show] that Hillary Clinton was the president in 2017, there would probably be people asking me about that now. Saying Hillary Clinton was running for president in 2014 or 2013… that would’ve also been a pretty easy call to make based on the information that we had at the time. We’re not like wizards." Well, they sure seem like wizards.

From here on out, refer to the final season of Parks and Recreation for any and all future events. Here's hoping Shia LaBeouf ends up designing wedding gowns and rings.

Image: NBC