Is There Caffeine In Starbucks Spiced Sweet Cream Narino 70 Cold Brew? This Holiday Drink Is The Perfect Morning Boost

This is not a drill: Starbucks is releasing a holiday iced coffee beverage, and it will fulfill our wildest winter dreams. OK, so maybe not all of our dreams, but the Starbucks Spiced Sweet Cream Narino 70 Cold Brew sounds pretty darn promising. Right off the bat, you're likely wondering: How much caffeine is in Starbucks Spiced Sweet Cream Cold Brew? Because this is a coffee drink, you already know you'll be getting a nice pick-me-up, and this beverage doesn't disappoint. According to Starbucks, a 12-ounce Tall Spiced Sweet Cream Narino 70 Cold Brew contains 140 mg of caffeine.

So, what goes into this enticing cold brew? And what exactly makes it scream winter wonderland? Admittedly, the thought of an iced drink during the winter might not be exactly your jam (especially depending on your location), but this beverage is all holiday cheer. And hey, even on the coldest of mornings, sometimes you need something cool and smooth to start your day, even if you're wearing a hat and gloves. And this new drink from Starbucks is definitely here to deliver.


At its core, the Starbucks Spiced Sweet Cream Narino 70 Cold Brew is a custom blend of 70 percent Colombia Nation and 30 percent African coffee beans. The coffee is slow-steeped for 20 hours, which results in a beverage with a creamy, smooth finish. Because it's slow-steeped in cold water (hence "cold brew" coffee), as opposed to brewed with hot, it's generally less acidic for coffee drinkers. Yum! (Unfortunately there's no decaf version of Starbucks' cold brew, so if you're not a regular drinker of the high test stuff, you might be out of luck here.)

And what makes the drink full of holiday joy? As the name would suggest, it's all about the spicy goodness. More specifically, the Starbucks Spiced Sweet Cream Cold Brew is flavored with cinnamon, anise, nutmeg, and vanilla. Then, to top it all off, your barista floats in some decadent house-made sweet cream, basically airlifting you to the North Pole. Seriously: This drink is as close to possible to holiday cheer in iced form as you can get.


If you're a Starbucks Rewards Member, you can order Starbucks' Spiced Sweet Cream Narino 70 Cold Brew as of today, Nov. 3, and start your holiday season off in the very best way. Otherwise, the drink will be available to us across Starbucks locations in the United States and Canada later in November. In terms of price, you can expect it to vary slightly by location, but Starbucks estimates that a 12-ounce Tall will range between $3.25 and $4.25, giving you a sweet and spicy holiday drink for under five bucks. Not a bad way to start your morning, am I right?

Images: Starbucks; Giphy (2)