Kim Kardashian Reportedly Attends Kendall Jenner's Birthday Party, But She's Still Playing It Safe

After weeks of silence following her robbery, little by little, my favorite reality star is making her return to the public world. She may have already ventured out in public over the last week or so, but her latest appearance was even sweeter. On Wednesday night, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West attended Kendall Jenner's birthday party, and although they definitely played it low key, it's nice to see that she's finally starting to go out in public again.

According to People, Jenner celebrated her 21st exactly the way you'd imagine she would — surrounded by her friends, family, and a brand new Rolls-Royce. The '20s-themed party was held at LA restaurant Delilah, before which the group had dinner at Catch LA, and Jenner was reportedly "super happy all night." And honestly, I'd be super happy too if I'd just been given a brand new car as a birthday present. But regardless of her gifts, it sounds like she had a total blast, and it's nice to hear that some of the most important people in her life were able to celebrate with her despite recent events. Basically everyone was there, from Caitlyn Jenner to her sister, Kylie, and I'm so happy that Kardashian and West made it, too.

This wasn't the first post-robbery sighting for Kardashian; that happened last week when she went out for ice cream with Jonathan Cheban before attending West's concert. And on Tuesday, she and West helped Alton Sterling's son, Cameron, celebrate his sixteenth birthday at West's concert, even posing for a photo with him backstage. But even though she's definitely making herself more visible these days, she's still holding back a little, especially when you compare her behavior now to the Instagram happy star she once was. The rest of her family arrived at the party when it began and were photographed on their way in, but People reports Kardashian and West didn't show up until just before midnight, and no photographic evidence of their arrival has surfaced yet.

But even though she kept a low profile, a source at the party told the site that it seemed she was in good spirits. The source said, "They were very chill all night. Kim got on the mic at one point and said something funny and that was about it. She seemed pretty upbeat.”

It seems totally intentional that West and Kardashian snuck in — she probably wanted to see her sister for her birthday without drawing attention to herself. She's been avoiding the spotlight in the same way she once thrived on it, and considering everything she's been through, that's not surprising in the least. But it's good to see that she's not letting her traumatic experience stop her from living her life, even if it is causing her to adjust the way she lives it.

And if you miss Kardashian as a public figure as much as I do, I have a feeling that more is on the way. She may have deleted her first Facebook post since the robbery, but I don't doubt she'll be back. Keeping Up With The Kardashians has finally resumed filming, and a month has passed since her attack. Maybe we'll see more of her before 2017 hits?

Here's hoping Kardashian takes all the time she needs. I'm impatient to see her on my Twitter feed again, but her wellbeing is most important.