The Most Popular Trends In Each Year Of The '90s

Some of us may consider ourselves diehard '90s kids, but even the most nostalgic among us can't help but glom that glorious decade into a mass of Sky Dancers, Dunkaroos, and the existential dread of not knowing what movie to pick at Blockbuster. I couldn't tell you what was different about 1997 over 1998, aside from the fact we were one more year closer to the apocalypse that was coming in Y2K (duhhh) — remembering what the most popular trends were in each year of the '90s is about as simple as counting all the freckles on your body with your eyes closed. Whether the fault of our youth or the fact that the '90s were all so blanket awesome that there was never any need to take note of the passage of time, it's hard for the average human to look back and remember when specific trends and obsessions and fanbases took root.

Enter this blast from the past — an infographic from Sunglass Warehouse that examines each year so thoroughly that it feels like you just fell into a time machine. The infographic looks at each year's most popular TV show, film, movie quote, song, album, fashion trend, toy, game, candy, and food, as well as the winners of all the major sporting championships. (On second thought, if your teams also sucked in the '90s, maybe skim past that part.) Basically, the further down you read on this infographic, the more confused you will be about your place in the time-space-nostalgia continuum; by the time you get to the end, you'll be looking down at your smart phone wondering what on earth this contraption could possibly do.

Buckle up, '90s kids, and hold on to your nostalgia tight!

You can read the full whammy of this blog post with additional detail at Sunglass Warehouse's original blog post here. Now if anybody needs me, I'll be rewatching Titanic as I cry into a Dunkaroo and wipe my tears off with all one thousand bajillion of my old Pokemon cards. PEACE.

Images: Sunglass Warehouse