Sarah Jessica Parker Will Respond To Your Instagram Comments, But She's Getting Something Out Of It, Too

It's always exciting when a celebrity you admire responds to one of your social media posts or a comment that you wrote on theirs, because of how rare it is. Many famous faces stay away from Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat altogether, but some celebs chat frequently with their fans, and Sarah Jessica Parker is definitely one of them. During a talk Wednesday at the Fast Company Innovation Festival in New York, Parker spoke with AOL's Tim Armstrong and Fast Company's Bob Safian about topics ranging from taking risks in business to her shoe line and her new TV show, Divorce, but one topic in particular that said a lot about Parker and the way she views her career was when she talked about how she interacts with fans.

"Social media confounds me and I have this really weird relationship with it, and it’s like the endless dating period, but being able to connect with the audience is everything," she said. "They are the integral piece. They are the reason for the part, they are the reason you’re doing something. Without them, I have no shoe company. Without them, I have no show. They are as important in the creative process as any of us, and you have to keep listening to them, communicating with them, spending and hour and half every night or every other night just answering comments on your social media."

And she doesn't just talk the talk. While the actor's Twitter account hasn't had a new post since 2014, Parker's Instagram is another story. There are plenty of personal pics (recent posts include a birthday message for her son and a photo of her family's Halloween decorations), but she also shares posts about Divorce and asks fans about their opinions. "I'll be here awaiting your thoughts. Growing to really like our new Sunday night ritual," reads the caption of a video clip she posted. A quick scroll through the comments on her posts makes it clear that her fans appreciate both the content she uploads and the fact that she responds to them. One recent commenter wrote, "I think it's brilliant how you take your time out to reply to people who adore you and your work!"

It's obvious the Sex and the City star actually enjoys talking to her fans, but she also sees it as part of her work; the modern way of promoting a show or a brand. "I'm no expert at this because I'm new to television in 2016 and I haven't been on television for 10 years," she said at the festival. "So what I do is I talk to the audience constantly, a couple times a week, more if I have time. I find a way to talk about an upcoming episode in a way that I feel comfortable with, that isn't pushy and that doesn't feel aggressive; that doesn't feel like I'm intruding on them or treading on our relationship."

Parker may have been off of TV for a decade, but she clearly has a handle on how to build a solid actor-fan relationship that, most importantly, has balance. Parker isn't just throwing ads for her show and her shoes at her fans, she's showing that she really cares about her projects and really cares about the consumers' opinion on them. It's a smart way to work, but more than that, it's a respectful way to work. And, clearly, her fans love it.

Images: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images