Instagram's "From Where I Stand" Installation In New York City Speaks To The Issues In This Election That Matter Most

In a presidential election as polarizing as the one we have experienced in 2016, it's no wonder that a lot of voters might hesitate in speaking their minds. On Thursday, Instagram's art installation "From Where I Stand" in New York City's Madison Square Park helped elevate voter's voices so they could do just that. The installation is a painted circle on the ground that has artistic depictions of all of the major issues that compel people to vote, from healthcare, to education, to the environment, and so many more. As people visit the installation, they are encouraged to plant their feet on the matter that compels them to vote most — quite literally standing on what they stand for.

Throughout the course of the day, visitors can take videos and images of themselves standing on the "From Where I Stand" installation to share on their Instagram Story, taking a popular format for pictures on Instagram and making it into something incredibly impactful and relevant to this year's election. Even if we can't agree on a candidate, we can at least all agree that there are issues on this installation that are deeply important to us, issues that define not just our choice in candidate, but our entire lives. Instagram's installation is an important reminder in the midst of all the insanity of the election of what truly matters, and what we should bear in mind on our way to the polls on Tuesday: the things we are willing to take a stand for.

Bustle visited the installation on Thursday, and asked women voters to stand in the circle on the issues that mattered most to them.

In the heart of every election are a lot of women's issues at stake — not just clear ones like women's right to choose, equal pay, and gender equality, but also health insurance that covers women's needs, and affordable childcare to prevent women from being pushed out of the workplace.

Participants can share the issues they stand on using the hashtag #FromWhereIStand2016 to spread the word.

Check out the art installation Nov. 3 in Madison Square Park in New York City, or check out the videos on Instagram's main page. Regardless of where you are or what issues you stand for, don't forget to get yourself to the polls on Nov. 8 and vote!

Images: Hannah Caldwell/Bustle