Photos Of Queen Elizabeth's Wedding Show 'The Crown' Subject On One Of Her Happiest Days

As with every single royal affair, Queen Elizabeth's wedding was a spectacular event. The young monarch married Prince Philip Mountbatten at just 21. Having major life achievements at a young age was par for the course for her, though. Not only was Elizabeth one of the youngest royals to ascend to the throne at just 25, but she was also forced to take the throne at a time when she was newly married and still figuring out her life as a young adult. Netflix's new series The Crown traces the history of Elizabeth's life, starting with her courtship to Prince Philip and later showing her marriage and ascent to the throne. But, just how extravagant was Elizabeth's big day? Photos of Queen Elizabeth's wedding show that it was just as lavish as other major memorable affairs like Princess Diana's wedding to Prince Charles in 1981 and Kate Middleton's ceremony with Prince William in 2011.

This Netflix show is a dramatized version of the true events of the monarchy. A rep for the royals told Bustle in a statement that "The Crown is a fictional drama. The Royal Household has had no involvement." So, if you want to see how the show's portrayal of Elizabeth's nuptials compares to the real thing, I assembled a collection of photos and videos of her big day for your perusal.

The Cake Was Amazing

It puts pretty much every other wedding cake to shame.

The Dress Was Gorgeous

It was a dress fit for a queen, and rightly so. But it was also modern and not so over the top that it looked out of place on the young monarch.

The Bride Was Beaming

That's a smile of true love.

The Ceremony Was A True Royal Wedding

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In this video from the ceremony, you can see just how happy Elizabeth is as she prepares to marry Philip. It's no wonder the pair is still together today — even all these years later.