Ian Harding Says Goodbye To ‘Pretty Little Liars’ With A Nostalgic Speech That Sparks All Sorts Of Emotions — VIDEOS

The final season of Pretty Little Liars won’t be airing until April 2017, but with production coming to a close last week, the cast has been sharing their tear-jerking adieus across the interwebs. Case in point, just watch Shay Mitchell's recent "Farewell Letter” to her PLL character, Emily Fields. But not all cast members went that route. While the man who spent seven seasons portraying Ezra Fitz might not have uploaded something heartfelt on YouTube like Mitchell, that didn't stop showrunner I. Marlene King from sharing Ian Harding's goodbye speech on Instagram.

After his final filming moments, King let Harding share some words to commemorate his time on the show. He ever-so-adorably expressed his deep-rooted gratitude to Pretty Little Liars for giving him his "first job right out of college." He also offered up a nostalgic anecdote about his audition, wherein he showed up for a notably "sexy role" wearing a notably unsexy "Christmas sweater." Just try to imagine that. Though this probably can be attributed to basic naiveté, the fact that Harding wore a green sweater, while all the other sexified teacher wannabes rocked Armani, goes to show how much charisma Harding truly possesses. Because, well, look who fans have been calling "Ezra Fitz" for all these years.

The two-part goodbye speech wasn't all fun anecdotes for Harding, though. This show truly meant something to him, and it sounds like he wanted to makes sure the crew and those surrounding him knew it. In a touching thought, Harding shared, “I’ve been able to grow as a person on this show. It is so painful to say goodbye.”

It goes to show, as Mitchell also pointed out, how influential Pretty Little Liars has been for its cast. Which, in a way, hardens the impact it's had on its viewers. It's not like viewers wouldn't be sad to see PLL go if everyone was admitting how terrible the cast and crew were to work with. But Harding sharing things like "the humor on this set is bar none" and that he has "a wonderful time coming to work" just makes the series' departure that much more emotional.

OK, time to stop shedding tears already. Do as Harding says and just "push your feelings down." Unless Mr. Fitz does something truly unforgivable this last season. Then, by all means, you are allowed to have some feelings.

Images: Freeform