If ‘The Bachelor’s Nikki Is Pregnant, Juan Pablo Will Have Another Child To Help Pick Up Women

I sincerely thought that the Bachelor news was over. Sure, Juan Pablo Galavis' season was a doozy and stories about him and girlfriend Nikki Ferrell continued to come out following the show's finale, but there had to be a stopping point, right? I thought that it had already come and gone and we would next hear about Nikki or Juan Pablo two years from now when one of them inevitably got engaged to someone else. But yet, here we are with a new rumor that Nikki Ferrell is pregnant courtesy of Life & Style magazine. Oh thank you, Life & Style! You keep me on my toes!

As far as pregnancy rumors go this one is pretty out there and seemingly based on nothing. The magazine cover reads, "I'm Having a Baby: A Fake Relationship Turns All Too Real" and adds that Nikki is terrified that Juan Pablo will leave her "pregnant and alone." Well, for one, that would never happen. We all know that Juan Pablo uses his child as a way to attract women and as an excuse to the women he doesn't like. Two is better than one, Nikki. He'll definitely take care of the baby. He needs it. He'll take it out on daytime dates with his new girl before dropping it back off with mama.

But we don't need to worry about any of that, because there is a very, very, very high chance that this story in totally made up. Another title on the cover of this issue claims that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are planning their wedding, so there isn't much concrete information going on here. According to a "friend" of the couple, "Nikki is expecting their relationship to progress like any healthy relationship would, but if Nikki got pregnant, Juan Pablo wouldn’t exactly be over the moon." Well, that's no surprise. It's like I always say, if you can't tell a girl you love her on live TV, then you shouldn't have a baby two weeks later. I promise, it's a phrase that works in other situations too.

Need more proof that Nikki isn't pregnant. She totally Sunday Funday-ed a mere four days ago.

Cheers to not being pregnant with Juan Pablo's baby!

Image: Nikki Ferrell/Instagram