13 People On Why They're Still Single

by Laken Howard

If you catch me on a bad day, there's a chance I'll feel personally victimized by every happy couple I pass on the sidewalk — and I'm sure I'm not alone in that feeling. Most of the time, I'm totally fine being single, but if I've watched one too many rom-coms, I wind up asking myself: Why am I still single? Sure, I'm young and have plenty of time to find a long-term relationship, but something about living in a huge city like NYC can sometimes make you a little bitter if you don't have a partner to bar-hop and cab-hail with.

The upside? No matter who you are, you're definitely not alone in your singledom, as evidenced by the latest trending topic on Twitter, #WhyIThinkImStillSingle. Hundreds of users took advantage of the chance to either lament or proudly own their single status, and most of their sentiments will ring true to anyone without an S.O. Let's get one thing straight: There are definitely perks of being single, and you shouldn't feel insecure or ashamed to fly solo. But it's also totally normal to want a relationship, especially at this time of year (because let's be real — being single during the holidays can be a drag).

Whether you're happily single or actively looking for a partner, these 13 tweets will be relatable to anyone who knows the struggle of being single AF.

1. Just Call Me Mrs. Gosling

2. The Only Reason You Need

3. Me IRL

4. The Ugly Truth

5. Sounds About Right

6. A True Monster

7. You're Welcome, Everyone

8. I'm Just As Shocked As You Are

9. Sometimes They're Just TOO Dank

10. Adulthood Is Hard AF

11. We Can't All Be Kelis

12. Seriously Though

13. Words Of Wisdom

Image: Unsplash