Bat-Fans Will Love The 'Lego Batman Movie' Trailer

by Amy Roberts

If you've been obsessed with the premise of Lego Batman ever since the character's appearance in 2014's The Lego Movie, then you're likely beyond excited for the 2017 release of The Lego Batman Movie . Me too, guys — I'm sitting here shining my little Lego Bat-Signal light in eager anticipation for it. So I'm absolutely giddy right now because the new trailer for The Lego Batman Movie has been released, and holy smokes, does it look amazing. Pretty much hilarious from start to finish, the trailer also gives us some greater glimpses at Zach Galifianakis' Joker and Rosario Dawson's Barbara Gordon (aka Batgirl), as well as laying down what feels like an infinite loop of Batman in-jokes that true fans will love.

Because one thing that is looking more and more evident with each new trailer from The Lego Batman Movie is that it appears to be a full-on, unapologetic, and loving satire of the expanded narratives of Batman (and Bruce Wayne) as we know him. The jokes in the new Lego Batman Movie trailer appear to encapsulate all of the many incarnations of the superhero (and the many variations of the overall canon) in a way that Batman fans are going to absolutely adore.

Check out the new trailer, and then join me in celebrating some of the finest Batman jokes from it that only true fans will understand:

1. The Joker Is Totally Dependent On (And Pining For) Batman's Attention

Big Batman fans will be well aware of the hinted at connection between the superhero and his arch nemesis The Joker (as highlighted in The Dark Knight and Alan Moores' The Killing Joke). The Lego Batman Movie looks as though it's taking that symbiotic relationship a step further by highlighting that fine line between love and hate. When Batman tells The Joker that he isn't his number one "bad guy" and that he "likes to fight around," it makes The Joker well up into tears.

2. Batman Has An Assemblage Of Ludicrous Bat-Vehicles

A brilliant riff on all of the many Batman branded vehicles that have existed over time, Robin excitedly discovers some cheerfully ridiculous Bat-vehicles including "the Bat-Sub, the Bat-Zeppelin, and the Bat-Kayak.

3. Bruce Wayne / Batman Is Beyond Sad

Batman's tendency to be a joyless individual gratified by his own misery was played up perfectly during his "Untitled Self Portrait" song of The Lego Movie . Here, this same quality is highlighted once more to great comedic effect as we see Batman heading to a quiet, lonely home after saving Gotham and struggling to work his TV set as Three Dog Night's "One Is The Loneliest Number" plays in the background. Perfection.

4. "I Can Just Imagine He's Going Home Right Now To Party The Night Away Surrounded By Friends And Lady Active-Wear Models"

Another perfect reference to Wayne's loner status is made by a news reporter after Batman saves Gotham. The reference to "lady active-wear models" may be referring to the embarrassing scene in Batman Begins, wherein Wayne turns up to a party with two attractive models in tow and proceeds to lark about in a fountain. Just, you know, to keep up appearances.

5. Adopting Robin Was A Never A Good Idea

After all of the many comics and movies that have been released about Batman since the initial days of the comic books, the character has progressed quite a bit. In The Lego Batman Movie trailer, Wayne's horrified reaction that he's actually adopted Robin (and that his sarcasm over the initial gesture wasn't recognized) reflects a sentiment shared by many fans (who once famously voted the character be killed off).

6. Robin Is Embracing All The Qualities That Some Fans Hate Him For

Full of an unbridled enthusiasm for life, and a great love for tearaway costumes and skimpy shorts, The Lego Batman Movie's incarnation of the sidekick is gleefully playing up everything that fans have ever despised about the character over the years. And he appears to only exist in the movie to irritate our loner hero.

7. There Have Been So Many Variations On The Batman Costume

As seen in the costume line-up in which Robin finds a "Reggae-Man" alternate Batman costume and turns it into his Robin one. Just down the line you can see "The Bat Pack" (an all-gold costume, supposedly for when Batman wants to go gangster) and the iconic "Classic Bat" costume from the Batman TV Series of the '60s.

8. The Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Swipe

While arguing with The Joker, Batman brings up that Superman is his "greatest enemy" before providing us with a flashback fight scene between Batman and Superman that looks very similar to the one from Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice — a film that received a great deal of criticism from critics.

9. Bruce Wayne Manages To Fight Crime And Still Look Dapper In Seconds Flat

There have been more than a few occasions in Batman movies over the many years wherein Wayne, having spent the past who knows how long fighting bad guys in his Batsuit, then charmingly enters a party not long afterward looking supremely well put together. In The Lego Batman Movie, we see Wayne getting ready in the back of a limo and simply removing his costume and smoothly springing his "look" back into place.

The Lego Batman Movie is due to open in theaters Feb. 10, 2017, and you best believe that I'm shining up my Batsuit in great anticipation for that premiere already.

Images: Warner Bros Pictures (10)