Beyonce Might Appear At A Hillary Clinton Rally

Is it just me or is this election like a Hollywood blockbuster movie? We've got the cartoonish arch-villain, the twists and turns (sexist recordings, the scandals about Hillary's emails) and now we've got the powerful soundtrack down. Beyoncé will be in Cleveland for Hillary's campaign, as she is expected to be performing at Hillary Clinton GOTV concert in Cleveland. Jay Z's appearance at the concert had already been announced, but this suggests a generous extra helping of star power for the concert. In Beyoncé's own words, "Who runs the world? Girls." Nothing feels more exciting than the thought of one of the most powerful women in music campaigning for one of the most formidable women in politics.

Jay Z and Beyoncé aren't the only big names probably performing at the concert — Katy Perry, The National and John Legend are all scheduled to perform, too. So why the big focus on Cleveland? Trump is currently ahead in the polls in Ohio, so this may be an attempt for Clinton to appeal to younger voters in the state. The concert is also suspected to be an attempt for the celebrities who appear to encourage Ohioans to go and vote early. So, if you're based in Ohio, listen to Queen Bey, please.


I hope you, like me, are furiously celebrating this news. Ohio is a major political prize to be won, and the fact that Beyoncé is reportedly heading to Cleveland to campaign is a wonderful piece of symbolism. 2016 has been a garbage can full of vomit of a year for all sorts of reasons. But the one thing 2016 hasn't been completely terrible for has been for women. Sure, Donald Trump has been disgusting about women for all sorts of reasons — and you've almost certainly already read all about those. But he's also made the intrinsic sexism of political life a mainstream focus, and he's made us realize how often victims of sexism are subject to gaslighting.

Clinton has had to take on an opponent who doesn't just despise her politics, but who despises her gender. Meanwhile, Beyoncé, like Clinton, has had to battle prejudices in an industry almost as sexist as the political arena. As such, Beyoncé campaigning for Hillary isn't just good for politics — it's girl power heaven.