Arnold & Wyatt May Be The Same Person On 'Westworld' According To Some Very Compelling Evidence

Just when you think that you have Westworld figured out, the HBO series goes ahead and throws you into another maze of questions. One of the biggest sources of theories has to be the never-seen but constantly referenced Arnold. Viewers have been hearing about the theme park's mysterious co-founder for a few episodes now, but Ford seems extremely hesitant to go into detail about how he died in the park or what exactly was happening at that time. Now, there's also a new big bad named in town named Wyatt, and viewers have been questioning this newcomer's true identity. But what if those two mysteries are actually one and the same? What if Wyatt is Arnold on Westworld ?

It may sound crazy, but so does just about everything in the realm of Westworld. Trust me, there is actually compelling evidence that suggests that these two mysterious characters could be the same person. It seems like ever since he was described by Ford, viewers have been on the lookout for the personification of Arnold, but we may have already seen him. Here is some of the evidence to prove that Arnold could be living as Wyatt.

Ford Sent Teddy After Wyatt

It has become very clear that Ford and Arnold were no longer on good terms when Arnold supposedly died. Ford also made sure to program Teddy to have a vendetta against Wyatt that makes him want to kill the villain at all costs. It's like he is creating this narrative specifically to have Wyatt taken out, so he can wash his hands of it. This leads me to believe that Ford could possibly know that they are one in the same or connected somehow, and is erasing the last traces of Arnold to finally rid the park of him for good.

The Voices

Bustle TV Editor Samantha Rullo pointed out that Wyatt's "religion" has his followers hearing disembodied voices that they attribute to God, which is exactly what Arnold instilled in the earliest hosts so that they would have an inner monologue. Arnold's monologue also made the hosts think that they were hearing the voice of God and it drove many of them insane. Dolores has also been following a voice and becoming more inquisitive about everything around her, suggesting that she is achieving real consciousness — another goal of Arnold's. Wyatt and his "religion" may actually be Arnold and what's left of his programming that Ford has since tried to remove.

Arnold Could Have Created Wyatt

Reddit user AfterShock509 theorized that Wyatt was actually Arnold's last creation. Ford said that Arnold had an obsession with making the hosts more and more human-like and was determined to give them real consciousness. He may have succeeded in doing that with Wyatt, who is now the personification of Arnold's consciousness, continuing his work in Westworld.

Flashbacks Of Wyatt Are Telling

Bustle's TV Editor also noticed that in the flashbacks of Wyatt, he looks more like a modern man and less like a traditional, western cowboy than most of the other hosts. This could suggest that he actually was a modern guy, now dressing as a host to blend in, and not one of the park's creations like we are being led to believe.

Anything is possible on Westworld, but I think that Wyatt may be the key to Arnold's true identity. Hopefully, we'll solve the mystery of Arnold soon, because I can't wait to see how he effects Ford's new plans for his world.

Images: John P. Johnson/HBO (4), HBO