Are Kylie Jenner & Jaclyn Hill Collaborating? The Rumors Are Swirling

When Kylie Jenner says she’s going to be announcing another holiday surprise soon, you better prepare yourself because the Internet is sure to go crazy. Jenner’s the master of teasing her fans, and she’s already given us a hint about her upcoming product launch. It’s going to be a collaboration, you guys! Are Kylie Jenner and Jaclyn Hill collaborating? Fans of both beauty gurus were hoping this duo would team up to make their dreams come true.

However, that is not the case. Hill took to Snapchat to immediately dispel the rumors. So, she will not be the one collaborating with Jenner this time around, but hey, that’s definitely not to say it couldn’t happen in the future. Fingers crossed!

If it not her, then who could be working with Kylie Cosmetics? The Internet has a few theories. Some folks are thinking she may team up with Jeffree Star, others are thinking it’s going to be with a brand as big as MAC Cosmetics. Some folks on Twitter say it could even be a Hello Kitty collab, and given that Kylie Cosmetics’ sister company, ColourPop, just partnered with the cute cat, I’d say they’re on to something with those guesses, you know, just to toss my hat in the ring, too.

This hint was just enough to send the Internet spiraling out of control. Who could she possibly be working with?

This would be the partnership of a lifetime, but it looks like it's not happening, just yet.

Don't let this shatter your dreams, though, whoever Jenner's working with is sure to be amazing!

Jaclyn Hill on YouTube

Hill loves her some Kylie Cosmetics products, much like the rest of us.

But, people have all kinds of theories about what Kylie Cosmetics has coming out next.

And it's mainly because everyone's trying to kill time until the big announcement is made. There's gotta be some way to distract ourselves from the burning desire to know what the next #holidaysurprise is, right?

I definitely wouldn't be surprised to see a Hello Kitty X Kylie Cosmetics duo.

She does keep using this little Hello Kitty filter on Snapchat, after all.

Jenner may be making us wait now, but she'll dish all of the details in time. All fans have to do is try and be patient. Yeah, good luck with that!

Images: kylizzlemynizzl/Snapchat (1); YouTube (1)