Where Are The Daya By Zendaya Pop-Up Shops Located? Get Ready For An Incredible IRL Shopping Experience

Make no mistake about it: when Zendaya comes out with a clothing line, you’re going to want every single piece in it. Her line is available for purchase online already, but you’re going to want to find out how to buy these items IRL. Because, girl, you won't even want to wait long enough for this clothing to ship to your door. Where are the Daya by Zendaya pop-up shops located? This is just the kind of info you need to get your hands on this luxe streetwear, ASAP.

The line ranges in price from $22-$158, so a piece or two is sure to fit into your budget. And you’re going to be glad these wares are so affordable when you see how amazing they are. You know Zendaya’s super cool style? Well, this clothing will remind you of that. But this time it’ll be even better because it’ll be in your closet.

If you live in New York City, Chicago or Los Angeles, you’re in luck. According to her Instagram, Daya by Zendaya will be available for your in-person shopping pleasure in these cities from Nov. 5 until Nov. 6. So, cancel your other plans and get ready to wait in line to grab this collection. Because yes, it’s just that good.

Here are the exact addresses and times the stores will be open so you know when and where to go.

The only thing better than getting the chance to shop this range is that if you shop on Nov. 5, you may get the chance to see Zendaya!

If you're anywhere close to one of these three cities, make sure you pay this place a visit.

Quilted Kimono Wrap Jacket, $98, Daya by Zendaya

With pieces like this quilted kimono in the mix, there's no way you'd want to miss the chance to shop this line in person.

Mesh Ruffle Dress, $158, Daya by Zendaya

Whether you're looking for something laid-back or fancy, there's something for you. Because when it comes to creating staples everyone wants to wear, she's at the top of her game.

Be sure you stop by one one of the pop-up shop locations to cop these pieces IRL!

Images: Courtesy Daya by Zendaya (2)