The Kyle Cosmetics Collaboration Is Coming Soon

When Kylie Jenner says she'll be making an announcement, you better believe the whole Internet readies themselves to sit down and listen. And when she says she'll be announcing the first ever Kylie Cosmetics collaboration, you better believe we are all ears.

On Thursday, Kylie took to Snapchat (with her face covered in an adorable Hello Kitty filter, because of course) to announce that her cosmetics brand would be doing its first ever partnership in honor of the holiday season. Other than that little tidbit of information, and revealing the fact that the collab will be available "sometime next week," she's been frustratingly tight lipped about all of the who, what, and when details. As always, she's drawing the announcement out as long as possible.

She asked fans to Tweet their guesses about who the lucky collaborator could be, and their ideas run the gamut. From makeup artists like Charlotte Tilbury, Jaclyn Hill, and Jeffree Starr to Fenty x Puma to Hello Kitty (she was wearing the filter when she made the announcement, after all), her followers certainly have creative imaginations. I actually assumed the collaboration was with Hello Kitty when I watched the Snapchat without the sound on, but sadly it was only wishful thinking.

While my guess is as good as anyone else's, I personally hope the collab is with Blac Chyna because 1. It means they're both mature and putting their families in front of their drama and 2. the last time they did something together (Snapchatted a photo claiming they'd been BFFs "The whole time") it practically broke the Internet.