Josh Got Some Big News On 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend'

Of course there are twists and turns on every episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend , but Josh's latest decision might be the biggest twist yet. He's not to blame: His decision to break up with Rebecca came after she put him through the wringer to end all wringers. On this week's episode, Rebecca was obsessed with looking for a sign as to whom she should date, Greg or Josh. Everywhere she looked, it seemed that just when she saw a sign from the universe pushing her towards one, another sign related to another guy would pop up. What's a girl to do? Well, if your name is Rebecca Bunch, you make a serious of wild, preposterous connections that end in you making a life-altering statement, jeopardizing an otherwise good relationship.

Rebecca shouldn't bear all of the blame for what happened on Friday night's episode. Her search for signs from the universe was good-natured, if not totally misguided. She was certainly determined to find a way to be with one of her two competing love interests. Up to a point, Rebecca was spinning out as she usually does without posing a threat to anyone. That is, until she got it into her head that she was pregnant, that the (non-existent) baby was definitely Josh's and yes, she totally had to tell him.

It's the egg salad that's really to blame. An egg salad sandwich and an ovulation phone app. After piecing together that her nausea had to be pregnancy-related morning sickness (despite Paula's colorful warning that eating vending machine egg salad is a no-go) along with the fact that her period was late, Rebecca ran right home to meet Josh to tell him the news. After accidentally dropping a bottle of prenatal vitamins for Josh to see, Rebecca slowly revealed the news to him. Josh (bless his heart) looked utterly stunned. Totally shocked, silenced, aghast.

Rebecca went to the bathroom and emerged moment later, announcing she had gotten her period. When she quickly tried to brush the pregnancy scare under the rug, Josh finally snapped. Once out of his horrific reverie, he immediately broke up with Rebecca. He told her that their relationship wasn't truly a relationship anyway and that he couldn't handle being put through the motions like he had. Basically, homeboy was tired of her nonsense. Like I said, blame the egg salad, not Josh.

Rebecca was devastated but crucially, she failed to see that this was her big sign. Josh was setting her free and she should have taken it to mean that it was time for her to be alone. While it didn't exactly pan out that way, with Rebecca trying to stop Greg from moving to Georgia, I can only hope she flies solo very soon. All of this dithering about finding true love and choosing one man to be with has sent her on a destructive warpath. Rebecca needs to be single and sort her life out before it's too late.

Image: Robert Voets (2), Scott Everett White/The CW