Where To Shop Jaclyn Hill's Love Is Kind Tee

YouTubers have a lot of pull in the fashion and beauty world. So when they team up with brands for a good cause, people take notice. Jaclyn Hill wore a Love Is Kind shirt on Instagram, and now Hillsters are dying to have it too. The best part is that proceeds go towards a cause that the beauty guru is very passionate about. Where can you buy Hill's Love Is Kind shirt? There's only one place to shop, so you better act fast.

From what they wear to which products they use, people take YouTubers recommendations seriously. That's what makes this recent fashion pick so important. Instead of posting one of her favorite Express sweaters or Michael Kors boots, Hill took to Instagram to show off a graphic tee for a good cause. According to her caption, the shirt is from a brand called God's Graffiti. It's a small online company that's giving 10 percent of all November proceeds to the National Center For Missing & Exploited Children.

Not only is it for a good cause, but it's pretty darn stylish too. You can either wear this as a crewneck or buy a size up for an off-the-shoulder look like Hill wears. The top is $47, which is completely worth it when you think about what you are paying for with the purchase.

According to Hill's Snapchat, this is an organization that really hits home with her. She's talked before about how passionate she is about helping kids in need, so it makes completely sense that she'd be all about a piece of clothing that goes towards the cause.

This isn't the only top that you can shop to benefit the cause either. The brand has a bunch of other trendy shirts as well that tie into their mission statement, and any of the ones you buy in November will benefit the same organization. Here's a look at all of your options.

1. Pray Tank

Pray Tank, $37, Gods Graffiti

It might be winter, but this tank is perfect for layering.

2. Loved Tank

Loved Tank, $37, Gods Graffiti

Simple and to the point.

3. Warrior Hoodie

Warrior Hoodie, $57, Gods Graffiti

There are cold-weather options as well.

4. Brand Tee

Gods Grafitti Tee, $37, Gods Grafitti

Or you could just rep the brand on a shirt.

5. Kind Pullover

Kind Pullover, $47, Gods Graffiti

This one is the exact one that Hill sported.

6. Give Tank

Give Tank, $37, Gods Graffiti

There's a more colorful option as well.

7. Mens Tee

Mens Logo Tee, $37, Gods Graffiti

This shirt is available in men's sizes as well.

Whether you're looking to buy for yourself or give as a gift, you can't go wrong with this buy.

Images: jaclynhill/Instagram (1), God's Graffiti (7)