Here's Where To Buy Jaclyn Hill's Sweater

Another day, another Jaclyn Hill trend. The beauty vlogger is known for her gorgeous tutorials and fashion sense, so it only makes sense that people would listen when she gives a style recommendation. After she hopped on Snapchat wearing a big, comfy sweater, Hillsters just had to know where it was from — and the YouTuber didn't disappoint. Where can you buy Hill's sweater from Snapchat? It's at your local mall, people.

When Hill talks about something on Snapchat, the world listens. First she told everyone that she was using a Morphe eyeshadow palette to highlight with, which cause a fan freakout. Then she shared one of her favorite new sweaters on Snapchat. Let's just say that Hillsters from all around the world were getting their butts to the mall to pick it up, immediately.

The shirt is perfect for fall. It's a big, grey comfy knit sweater that has big holes in it. Totally up Hill's fashionable alley, which means that fans wanted it too. Here's the best part. The sweater is from Express, available in tons of different colors, and is on sale. I repeat, this shirt is on sale! Originally it was $50, but you can now purchase it online or in-stores for only $22. I'd hurry up before it sells out.

Just look at how cute it is! Hillsters have picked over the online selection pretty well, but there are still some in stock. You have an option of grey, like Hill opted for, red, or pink. Honestly, you might as well buy them all because this is pretty much the sweater of the season.

Marl Open Knit Hi-Low Sweater, $30.99 (plus additional 30 percent off),

This isn't the first time Hill's Snapchat fashion picks have gained popularity either. It's like everything she wears instantly turns into a best-seller. I guess that's the way it works when you have over three and a half million subscribers. Here are the tweets to prove it.

We'll just blame Hill for this purchase.

Because, my dear, the world needs it in their closet.

That's just the way the world works.

Needless to say, this won't be in stock for much longer. You should probably go add it to your cart while you still can.

Images: JaclynHill/Instagram, Express (1)