Heather Graham Reflects 'Twin Peaks,' Annie's Fate

Heather Graham is sadly one of the original Twin Peaks stars who will not be appearing on the series revival when it premieres next year. Still, there are no hard feelings. The actress, who's promoting her new comedy My Dead Boyfriend has nothing but great things to say about the early '90s cult hit and her experience in it. The crime/fantasy drama, innovative for its time, only lasted two seasons, but die-hard fans will never forget it, hence the upcoming Showtime revival. Fans will see familiar faces, such as Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), Shelly Johnson (Mädchen Amick), and Bobby Briggs (Dana Ashbrook), amongst many more. While co-creator Mark Frost promises "everybody's story will get some attention," I have a feeling Annie's will remain a mystery. So, Graham gives her take on how her character would be holding up, 25 years later.

Annie Blackburn is Norma Jennings's (played by Peggy Lipton, who will be in the revival) sister. She falls in love with Dale Cooper (because how couldn't you?), but doesn't have the happiest of fates on the show. After being recovered from Glastonbury Grove, her run on the series ends as she's in a trance and wounded in the hospital, with her (very signficant) ring stolen. Her conclusion is ultimately left up to the imagination.

"I feel like it ended and she was in danger!," says Graham. "It didn't end well for Annie. At the end of the show, it was left up-in-the-air and we don't know what happens. It doesn't sound positive." Regardless of Annie's troubling ending, Graham is optimistic about her character's life. "I hope Annie would be really good," says the 46-year-old. "She got out of the red room [and] she's real happy somewhere," she says.

Looking back on Twin Peaks makes Graham just as nostalgic as fans. Even if her character was left traumatized. "People love it. I mean, I loved it, too. I remember watching it, I was so excited," Graham says. "It's a really interesting show. I'm curious how [David Lynch] is going to do [the revival]."

Unbeknownst to her, the show would also lead to an unlikely friendship and professional partnership — one she cherishes deeply. Graham says through the series, she bonded with musician Moby, whose song "Go" samples "Laura Palmer's Theme" from the TP original soundtrack.

According to Graham, it all started with the musician saying, "I love Twin Peaks!," and now he's one of her very good friends. "He just did the music for my movie that I wrote and directed. I really believed in it, and he totally helped me, he did not have to," she says. "So [the show] brought me good things."

All roads do lead to Twin Peaks.

Images: Giphy; ABC