Donald Trump Rushed By Secret Service Off Stage

While speaking at a rally in Reno, Nevada on Saturday night, Donald Trump was rushed by Secret Service off the stage. After a few minutes the Republican presidential nominee did return and finished his speech. By all accounts, Trump appeared unharmed.

Many of the details regarding what prompted two members of Trump's security to whisk the presidential nominee off the stage are still unknown. Multiple reports, including from the New York Times and Washington Post, note that Trump appeared to notice a disturbance in the audience. Two security members rushed Trump off the stage, with "one of them grabbing him and forcibly escorting him away from the lectern."

The Guardian 's Paul Lewis tweeted "I've spoken to six witnesses. Panic apparently sparked when someone yelled 'he's got a gun'. Unclear if he did. No-one I spoke to saw weapon." CNN's Brian Stelter tweeted a quote from CNN producer Kevin Bohn that "A law enforcement official tells CNN no weapon has been found related to the incident in Reno and Donald Trump"

Trump returned to the stage, saying “Nobody said it would be easy for us. But we will never be stopped. Never. Ever.” He also expressed his gratitude to the Secret Service, saying “I want to thank the Secret Service. They don’t get enough credit. They are amazing people.”

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton also praised the Secret Service, tweeting "We commend the @SecretService for their quick action and are glad to see the candidate is ok."

Video of the incident is circulating online, though it is of Trump's reaction and his being taken off state — not of who or what prompted the security response.

Trump also released a formal statement following the incident. In addition to thanking Secret Service and "law enforcement resources in Reno," he thanked the "many thousands of people present for their unwavering and unbelievable support. Nothing will stop us — we will make America great again."