'SNL' Pays Tribute To John Homer

You may have noticed something different flash on the screen right before the credits rolled on the Benedict Cumberbatch-hosted episode of Saturday Night Live on Nov. 5. After the commercial break — but before the Marvel's Doctor Strange star's farewell — the name and photo of John Homer flashed on the screen. So wait — who is John Homer from SNL ? The moment was a bit puzzling and not only because the name may not have been familiar for most viewers. Homer is not listed as a current or former cast member of the show. The image that flashed put what was presumably Homer's photo and name on a photo of SNL's main stage — but no other information. Bustle has reached out to NBC for comment, but has not heard back.

Naturally, this mysterious moment left viewers scratching their heads and wondering who is John Homer is — as well as expressing the thought on Twitter. Usually, tributes to the deceased are accompanied by the years of life underneath the person's name, which didn't match this name-only mention. A Google search doesn't yield many results, either. There are three John Homers listed in IMDb, including one who worked on visual effects for movies like The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and Avatar — but none of them have ties to or credits on SNL.

It's very possible John Homer works on SNL in some other capacity that isn't widely known or credited on IMDb. Perhaps he is a friend to the show or a friend of many cast members.

Whoever John Homer is, he must be a very important person to get such a touching moment at the end Saturday night's episode.

Images: Rosalind O'Connor/NBC