'SNL's Last Pre-Election Show Hit Trump Hard

Not wasting any time in its last episode before the presidential election, Saturday Night Live's cold open put America's least favorite candidate on blast before it's too late. Returning for his fabulous recurring guest spot, Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump kissed Vladimir Putin and a KKK member to mock the real Trump's sketchy affiliations with the Russian government and white supremacist alt-right movement, all to hysterical effect. Not only was the joke perfectly executed and unexpected, but it also continued the show's grand tradition of political satire at a crucial point in this election.

Baldwin as Trump and Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton started Saturday night's episode with a parody side-by-side interview that showcased the seemingly disproportionate criticism Clinton receives in the media. When Cecily Strong playing CNN anchor Erin Burnett mentions that it's unusual for the FBI to make an announcement like the one last week so close to the election, McKinnon responds, "Oh, yah, you think? I mean, am I crazy, or does it seem like the FBI is trying to get Donald Trump elected president."

"No, no, that is crazy cuckoo. The FBI is not trying to help me. The FBI doesn't like me. I mean, what even is the FBI?" Baldwin replies. Then, cast member Beck Bennett appears onscreen and says to Baldwin, "I'm going to grab some coffee you want something?" Baldwin then kisses Bennett on the lips and says, "No, I'm good sweetie." The bit was repeated twice more with Bennett reappearing as Putin and the KKK member, at which time the show broke the fourth wall to urge viewers to come together and vote.

In addition to the absolute absurdity, the sketch also highlights Trump's ability to escape real scrutiny or backlash in this presidential election, which has seen some of the wildest candidate discoveries in American history. Trump's alleged ties to Russia and his campaign's minimal refutal of support from white supremacist groups have done little to lose him support during the election. One of the only incidences that seemed it may truly cost him the election was the leaked 2005 tape featuring Trump making sexually explicit remarks and the ensuing accusations of sexual assault by a dozen women. However, even that was forgotten as Trump has recovered his position in the polls, and currently stands at a statistical tie with Clinton.

SNL picked a great subject to remind viewers of just before Americans head to the polls on Tuesday. Trump has surged in the polls over the last week since FBI director James Comey made the surprise announcement that the agency was looking at more Clinton emails. And while 37 million have already cast their vote, it's not too late for the millions more who will cast their ballots on Election Day. This sketch may remind just a few undecided voters of who Trump really is, which would make it even better than just its comedic value.