Porsha Twirls Into Kenya's 'RHOA' Party Uninvited

by Kayla Hawkins

Things have changed somewhat since the end of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 8, but on this series, certain things never change — like the contentious relationship between Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams. Once again, it looks like sparks (and, possibly, fists) will be between these two now that Porsha crashed Kenya's housewarming party, aided by a plus-one invitation from Phaedra. The exchange promises to be so explosive that the show had to leave a "to be continued" teaser before the two even locked eyes with one another. Of course, it's possible that Kenya doesn't let this get to her at all, and Porsha is a polite and lovely guest. But from the trailer of upcoming moments, it seems like both Porsha and Kenya's ex, Matt, will do their best to throw a wrench into the party.

Speaking of Matt, Kenya revealed that she broke up with her boyfriend Matt after he became jealous over some text messages. She doesn't describe much more than that, but it looks like Matt will be featured in upcoming episodes of Season 9. His gift of "love" balloons seems pretty nice, but given that the incident she described sounds like it could be physically abusive, or, at least, intimidation, his arrival at the housewarming could escalate very quickly. But Matt & Kenya are still together, so ultimately, it seems that they'll reconcile. Not so for Kenya and Porsha, who remain frenemies at best, mortal enemies at worst.

Meanwhile, Shereé is still playing hard to get with her ex-husband, Bob, but her home, the long-awaited Chateau Shereé, is still slowly progressing. It's no longer an active construction site, but it's still missing some major things — though with Moore Manor down the street, it seems like Shereé is especially motivated to finish her house on her own schedule, with all of the luxury finishes that she desires. Watching Kenya's party slowly devolve into a mess was clearly delighting Shereé, who knows a lot about both building a home and building a great reality TV moment.

Image: Charles Sykes/Bravo