The Song Torturing Daryl On 'TWD' Is Brand New

If Daryl's introduction to the Saviors' camp reminded you of Jack, Kate, and Sawyer's imprisonment in Lost Season 3, you're not alone. Though Negan kind of makes Ben Linus look like a teddy bear, the bizarre tactics and dystopian camp was reminiscent of the Others — all Daryl needed was a fish biscuit. The peppy and repetitive song that tortured Daryl on The Walking Dead definitely seemed like a Dharma Initiative jam. We're all going to have that ditty stuck in our heads this week, which is wild, because it's a brand new song.

The song is called "Easy Street" — not like the one from the musical Annie. The artist that comes up on Shazam and iTunes (yeah, you can download it if you dare) is The Collapsable Hearts Club, and the track features artists Jim Bianco and Petra Haden. However, the group has no other music, and the song was released two days before the episode aired. According to his website, Bianco wrote and produced the song, and Haden is on vocals.

No song has ever been less Daryl, to put it lightly. It's upbeat. The lyrics are ironic to his situation, and a reminder of Negan's "promise" that he'll have it easy if he gives in and joins the Saviors. The song itself is repetitive, which doesn't help. It's also reminiscent of many genres without settling on any one in particular, which makes it difficult to focus on and potentially more grating for that reason. It actually, for some reason, reminds me most of the Beatles song "Ain't She Sweet." You can listen to "Easy Street" below.

I don't know what it says about me or my personality, but I don't think this song would effectively torture me. Perhaps I'm just desperate to return to Lost. Unfortunately, Daryl is not the type of person to dance his way out of a situation. When Dwight finally changed the station, fittingly to Roy Orbison's "Crying," Daryl was relieved... and crying. I imagine that this is the last time we'll hear "Easy Street" on The Walking Dead. Surely even Negan's men like to mix up their playlist. However, if it comes back, at least fans will be prepared for a sing-a-long.

Image: Gene Page/AMC