Sherry May Be An Important Ally On 'TWD'

Now that he is Negan's prisoner and in such a vulnerable state, it's hard to know who is on Daryl's side on The Walking Dead, if anyone. His visitors ranged from tyrannical to duplicitous, but one was apologetic and almost kind. Does this mean Sherry can be trusted on The Walking Dead, or is it all just an act that Negan has forced her to put on?

In the Nov. 6 episode, "The Cell," we learned what happened to the no longer happily married Sherry and Dwight after they robbed Daryl in Season 6. To save themselves, they returned to Negan. Sherry even agreed to leave her husband and marry Negan instead to save Dwight's life. So they're separated now, relegated to stolen conversations in stairways. It's deeply sad, and shows you that Negan's reign of terror isn't just about gore and misappropriating nursery rhymes.

Though she is technically a Savior, I don't think that Sherry is trying to trick Daryl. While Dwight may torture him and play mind games, that's his job. It isn't Sherry's job. Plus, I think that Daryl is going to get to them both. There's a reason they all connected in Season 6, and a reason that Daryl was a recruiter for Alexandria. Though it may seem like rock bottom, Daryl is perfectly placed to start a Savior revolution.

Personally, I'm less interested in Sherry's relationship with Daryl and more interested in that pregnancy test. Why were she and Dwight apparently sad about the negative result? Wouldn't that be a good thing, if she's been forced into a relationship with Negan? Are they putting on a show for the doctor? Is Negan threatening Sherry to have a child? Would seeking medical attention give them a new window to escape? It gives me hope that though they are in survival mode, Dwight and Sherry are still seeking an out. Let's just hope that when the next chance arises, Daryl is right there with them.

Images: Gene Page/AMC (2)