You Need This Kylie Burgundy Kyshadow Alternative

Wine-inspired and vineyard-hued eyeshadows are so a trend and a thing right now. Kylie Cosmetics' Kyshadow palette in Burgundy is the brand's second shadow set, featuring nine circular pans of vino-tinted mattes and shimmers. The palette is fall-appropriate and can carry you deep into the winter. The Burgundy palette is currently available, despite having sold out upon its debut, like most Kylie Cosmetics premiere drops. The coordinated set costs $42 and therefore qualifies for the Kylie Cosmetics free domestic shipping promotion, which runs through the holidays.

But if for some reason you can't get your manicured mitts on the Burgundy Kyshadow Palette or prefer to seek an indie alternative or dupes, well, you are in luck. Makeup Geek's limited edition Autumn Glow bundle is certainly worthwhile and it falls in the same price range.

Autumn Glow Eyeshadow Bundle, $49, Makeup Geek

Autumn Glow is not an exact copy of the Burgundy Kyshadow collection but it comes close and will allow you to create similar eye makeup looks. Also, MUG's Autumn Glow collection is $49, so it's several dollars more.

Let's observe both the Burgundy Kyshadow Palette and the Makeup Geek Autumn Glow bundle to truly appreciate the similarities, their differences, and their shared awesomeness.

Let's start with the Burgundy Kyshadow set. Have a look.

Autumn Glow Eyeshadow Bundle, $49, Makeup Geek

It's insanely gorgeous. Red-tinted shadows can be tricky to pull off but so many of these reds and berries can be used as accent colors along the lashline or popped into inner corners.

The MUG version has lots of shimmery shades and depth of color, mixed with the right amount of mattes.

Here is another look at Burgundy.

Autumn Glow Eyeshadow Bundle, $49, Makeup Geek

And Autumn Glow has less reddishness in favor of a little more bronziness, which is totally fine. Both palettes give you lots of options so you can do custom or unique eye looks every day.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (1); Makeup Geek Cosmetics/Instagram (1); Courtesy Brands (2)