15 Items To Help You Celebrate The Election's End

Congratulations: You did it. You made it to the end of the election season. Your eyes didn't get stuck from rolling back in your head infinity times, and the reality show no one asked for is drawing to a close. So now, how do you celebrate the election after it's over? I'm glad you asked. My favorite way to cross an unpleasant event off the calendar (be it a deadline, Valentine's Day, or the end of the 2016 election) is with some sort of self-indulgent reward.

Because you've been putting up with this election for practically the past 400 years (OK, four years), I think this entitles you to a little retail therapy. In fact, there are several celebratory items you should immediately buy yourself because you deserve this, dammit. After all, making it through those debates, tweets, and asinine Facebook posts alone calls for a self-congratulatory party. The fact that a woman has come further than ever before in the presidential race requires celebrations of another magnitude, and I say keep 'em coming, in whichever way you celebrate best.

Whether your idea of a good time is releasing confetti into your coworker's desk space, indulging in a lavender fragranced nap, or throwing back a few glasses of the good stuff with friends, you'll find all the essentials to letting loose below.

1. Bask In The Glory Of Other Boss Babes

Boss Babes: Coloring & Activity Book For Adults, $11, Amazon

You're likely well versed in the boss babe who made history this election season, so why not spend some quality time with other inspirational women taking charge? Malala, Missy Elliott, Beyoncé, RBG, and even Dolly Parton make appearances, and you'll complete activities like decoding Cher's tweets and conjuring J.K. Rowling's patronus.

2. Wash Off All That Mud-Slinging

The Olive Branch Shower Gel, 8.4 oz., $32, Amazon

It's time to wipe that dirt off your shoulder and start anew. This peacekeeping shower gel is stocked with mandarins, bergamot oil, and hydrating olive oil. Already love it? Stock up with the 17 oz. bottle, instead.

3. Pop Some Confetti

Confetti Push Pop (Set of 4), $24, Amazon

This set of four push pops explodes with confetti, just like you were exploding with anxiety the past several weeks. Release the tension in an entertaining way with rainbow colored paper cutouts!

4. Recognize What Time It Is Flair Fun Pack, $12, Amazon

Whether you get your party on by taking a bath or applying some celebratory flair, recognize that it is, indeed, party time.

5. Take A Well Earned Nap, And Enjoy Every Minute

Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Lavender Chamomille Sleep Pillow Mist, $14, Amazon

Not many things are more magical than taking a well earned nap, except perhaps the rejuvenating powers behind Bath & Body Works. Combine them both with this lavender pillow spray, which is sure to send you off into your most relaxing slumber yet.

6. Pour One Out For Yourself

20-Inch Giant Clear Decorative Wine Glass , $46, Amazon

Yes, this wine glass is shown true to size. Store your baguettes in it, or just pour one out. You deserve it.

7. Be Prepared To Finish A Few Celebratory Glasses

Wine Wipes (15 wipes), $9, Amazon

If you're already making a weekly wine budget to offset the damage this election's done for your nerves, throw this compact into the mix. Full of 15 red wine-removing pads, this little tool has some staying power.

8. If You're More Of A Beer Person, Be Sure Your Opener's In Hand

Hillary Clinton Bottle Opener, $4, Amazon

A woman's place is anywhere she damn well pleases, thanks.

9. Now That You've Made It To The Other Side, Relax Already

Hey Girl Relax Wash-Off Mask Treatments (Pack of 8) , $17, Amazon

And now it's time to relax. You dealt with an eternity of election hell, so spend some time rejuvenating and regenerating at the cellular level — starting with your skin. These green tea extract face masks jumpstart cell repair and will get your dedicated "me" time off on the right foot.

10. Use Your Might For Good Girl Talk (3-Piece) Pen Set , $10, Amazon

The pen is mightier than the sword, and these pens in particular will keep a spring in your step long after the election season (and all the animosity that comes with it) is gone. Go forth, and create something inspiring.

11. Work Out That Leftover Stress With This Magnetic Putty

Tytan Magnetic Space Putty Slime Stress Reliever, $11, Amazon

Still dealing with leftover stress from the election? Work it out using this magnetic putty, which gives your hands something to do other than hit the 'refresh' button.

12. Remember The Election's End Once Seemed As Mythical As This Guy

Fred & Friends Abominable Silicone Ice Tray, $7, Amazon

You found your way to the end of this election season. Now find this mythical creature at the bottom of your adult beverage.

13. Know It's Not A Party Without Some Shimmer

Nanacoco Nail Polish Lacquer Set 10-Piece, $13, Amazon

And that includes your nails! Paint the world in glitter to celebrate making it through to the other side of this election season.

14. Cut Yourself A Slice

Cake Server CakeDozer, $19, Amazon

You know who deserves a piece of cake? You do (and if you're feeling generous, maybe serving a few slices to friends just as fed up with the election season with this incredibly clever cake gadget is a good idea, too).

15. Don't Forget To Congratulate Yourself With A Sparkly Banner

Congratulations Banner, $17, Amazon

Congratulations, there are four full years between now and when you deal with this nonsense again. Hang this sparkly banner up as a reminder of the hell you've faced and overcome.

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