13 Best Mannequin Challenges To Surface So Far

I have a lot of questions for Gen Z, including and not limited to: How did you get all those Instagram likes? Why are you so much hipper than I am? And now, of course, WTF is going on with these mannequin challenge videos that are sweeping this here internet? Using the hashtag #MannequinChallenge, teens are now taking videos of themselves frozen in place, pretending to be mannequins in dramatic poses while Rae Sremmurd's new song "Black Beatles" plays in the background. The phenomenon started in late October, and let me just tell you, the commitment in it is some REAL SAUCE.

The first known #MannequinChallenge video, posted by Twitter user @pvrity___, has since gone viral, and it shows a group of students sitting so ramrod still in various positions on a table that you actually start to question your sanity while watching it. To make it even more boggling, midway through the video, someone starts picking up the humans pretending to be mannequins, and they don't even move an inch. I cannot fathom the muscular control this requires on their part, because I am a person who struggles to reach my arm out to turn off my alarm clock in the morning, let alone defy the logic of gravity.

Since then, the tweet has inspired many other attempts at the challenge — here are the best of them so far.

The OG #MannequinChallenge

This Entire Family Of Mannequins

These Church Mannequins

This Hilarious Collegiate Mannequin


High School Cafeteria Mannequin Shenanigans

Pole Dancing Mannequins

Lifeguard Mannequin Challenge

(But also, like ... who is watching the pool?)

And Entire Football Stadium Of Mannequins

A Cat Joining In On The Fun

Basketball Mannequins

... And Baseball Mannequins

School Bus Mannequins

BRB, forcing the entire Bustle office to do this against their will STAT. To hear Rae Sremmurd's full song "Black Beatles", you can check it out on YouTube here.