Living With A Toxic Roommate? 14 Brilliant Items That Can Help

If you’re currently living with someone who’s a tad toxic, I have two things to say to you. One, my heart genuinely breaks for you because I’ve been there, and it’s the worst. Two, there are things you can do to help yourself learn how to deal with a bad roommate. It’s just time to break out the tools that help you tune out, use the gadgets that relieve stress, and adopt the habits that keep you happy, no matter what’s going on around you.

A good roommate can quickly and effortlessly become one of your best friends — shout out to my sophomore year BFF — because, let’s face it, weekly sushi and interior decorating is a combination that just breeds lifelong bonds. That being said, if you already don’t mesh, close proximities and different lifestyles can make your insides rage like you didn’t even know they could. Your room or apartment where you’re supposed to go to unwind suddenly feels like a resentment-filled cage that you can’t escape, and that amount of perpetual stress isn’t good for anyone. Whether you’re sharing a dorm with a bad roommate, or you’ve got inconsiderate people in your apartment, check out these quick and easy ways to tune out and calm down so you can survive until the lease is up.

1. Watch TV One Person At A Time

Digital Wireless TV Headphones, $80, Amazon

Especially if you share a room, the argument as to whether the television is on or off is a constant one. With these digital wireless TV headphones, you can listen to your shows in crystal clear stereo sound without disturbing anyone else. They can be used with a wire or without, and have a range of 100 feet.

2. Boost Your Mood With A Natural Light Lamp

Verilux HappyLight Energy Lamp, $39, Amazon

Dorms can be dark and dreary as it is — forget it when there’s a toxic presence in the room. The Verilux HappyLight energy lamp omits a safe, natural filtered UV light spectrum that helps to boost your mood, lessen fatigue, and bring a little extra happiness into your space. It’s small, durable, and portable, and reviewers say it actually makes a huge difference.

3. Block Out Noise While You’re Sleeping Or Studying

HearHeed Ear Plugs, $18, Amazon

Tuning out is your best option when you have to share a room with someone, and HearHeed ear plugs are specifically crafted to give you the largest amount of noise-canceling power while still being ridiculously comfortable. They’re made from silicon that adjusts to even the smallest ear canals, and they’re non-toxic, washable, and hypoallergenic.

4. Your Own Personal Aura Of Stress Relief

Diffuser Necklace, $20, Amazon

If you rely on essential oils to balance your stress, but get complaints about your diffuser, this diffuser necklace is an awesome solution. It’s made from durable stainless steel that won’t rust or leak, but it will release a steady flow of your favorite essential oils into your personal space all day long.

5. Coordinate Schedules And Leave Notes Without Wasting Paper

Boogie Board, $38, Amazon

Sometimes the biggest issues arise from a lack of communication. The Boogie Board is a digital writer that erases at the touch of a button. The back is magnetic for refrigerators, file cabinets, and anything else that’s metallic, and it allows you and your roommate to easily coordinate schedules, chores and responsibilities, and reminders.

6. Drift Off To Sleep With The Sounds Of Nature

Wave Premium Sleep Therapy Sound Machine, $40, Amazon

The Wave Premium sleep therapy sound machine works especially well for a single room in an apartment with other loud people. It’s sleek, USB rechargeable, comes with a built-in timer, and has six relaxing natural sounds to block out any background noise and help you slip into a deep, stress-free sleep every night.

7. Stimulate Pressure Points To Relieve Stress And Boost Endorphins

Acupressure Pillow, $35, Amazon

My acupressure pillow was a godsend when I was living with toxic people. It’s got tons of tiny little spikes that stimulate pressure points on your back, instantly relieving tension and helping you to relax on command. It's said to regulate endorphins to help your energy levels and sleep patterns, and this one is designed to relieve pain in your neck and shoulders, too.

8. Hide Your Pringles In Your Pillow

Throw Pillow Insert Diversion Safe, $35, Amazon

Some people just don’t understand boundaries, so if you’re looking for an inconspicuous place to hide your valuables, non-perishable snacks, or toothpaste that always seems to go missing, look no further than the throw pillow insert diversion safe. It’s got a hidden zippered pocket that hides your stuff without detection, and it’s stain- and bacteria- resistant.

9. Keep Your Space A Little Cleaner With A No-Effort Purifier

Holmes Egg Air Purifier, $67, Amazon

Whether you can’t get your roommate to clean or can’t get them to stop cooking fish, the Holmes egg air purifier helps with dust, pollen, allergens, and unwanted smells. It’s got three speeds and is specifically designed to fit in small places, and best of all, it’s relatively quiet, has a permanent filter for low maintenance, and looks really modern.

10. Block Out Sound And Light Like Your Head’s In The Ground

Ostrich Pillow, $66, Amazon

Another epic option for tuning out, the ostrich pillow covers your face, eyes, and ears while leaving your mouth and noise clear for breathing. If you’re looking to take a nap sitting up, it also supports your neck and has a spot for your hands, and it’s filled with microbeads that help to block out sound and light while keeping you comfortable.

11. Vent To Your Heart’s Content

Inner Truth in My Humble Opinion Journal, $23, Amazon

If you desperately need to vent before you explode, the Inner Truth in My Humble Opinion Journal might just be your best friend this year. It has over 70 genius quotes, as well as thoughtful writing prompts that help you to harness your rage, put it down somewhere safe, and hopefully let it go, so you can move on with your living situation.

12. This Clip-On Light Goes Anywhere You Do

Led Clip Reading Light, $16, Amazon

Whoever controls the overhead light holds the power, but with this convenient LED clip reading light, you’ve always got light at your fingertips. The eye-friendly glow is touch-activated, and it’s got an extremely durable clip and a flexible neck that you can use on your desk, bed frame, or anywhere else. It’s also entirely USB rechargeable, so finding an outlet is no longer an issue.

13. Let This Robot Lend A Hand With The Chores

EVERTOP Robotic Vacuum Floor Cleaner, $107, Amazon

Getting a roommate to clean up after themselves can be an impossible task, but at least with the EVERTOP robotic vacuum floor cleaner, you don’t have to do it yourself. This little guy roams around on its own over hardwood floors and tiles, sucking up any dust or hair to save time on sweeping or vacuuming. It’s also got a sensor to stop it from falling down stairs.

14. Your Own Private Safe Space In A Crowded Dorm Room

Privacy Pop Bed Tent, $130, Amazon

Sometimes all you need is a little privacy — something that’s virtually nonexistent in a dorm room. The Privacy Pop Bed Tent secures under your mattress and guards you from sight on all sides with its drop-down zippered flap. The sides are made from mesh for ventilation and easy breathing, it comes in multiple different sizes and colors, and it’s designed for easy set-up and take-down.

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