Jax & Brittany Are Defying The Reality TV Odds

by Alaina Urquhart-White

Let's all be honest here, no one who watches Vanderpump Rules ever thought that Jax Taylor would ever settle down in a serious relationship at any point in the near or distant future. If you thought that, then you are this generation's Nostradamus and I am in awe of you. When he brought the supremely sweet Brittany Cartwright into Season 4, I was worried because I assumed things would go up in flames like his previous relationships. But boy, was I wrong. These two have outlasted every expectation and even celebrated one year together as a couple very recently. And though we'll see tons of drama between them in Vanderpump Rules Season 5, it seems that Brittany and Jax are still together (and I am still in shock).

Guys, Brittany has done it. She has inspired Jax to get serious, and it really looks like this pair is possibly going to go the distance. Brittany has stated many times that she has plans to eventually settle down and start a family and though Jax has always been reluctant to commit to that whole idea, one look at her social media shows that the couple is still together — and apparently, happy. They were even hanging out with Brittany's mom recently.

Of course, everything is not always what we see in shiny Instagram pictures, is it? The previews for this season of Vanderpump Rules, one of which you can watch below, show Jax and Brittany having some seriously dramatic relationship moments. At one point, Jax yells about her "sitting on the couch" while he "takes care" of her forever. Then, the two are seen discussing whether their relationship is even salvageable. It would seem that it all turned out well for them in the end, but it is still going to be distressing to see them have so many unhappy moments in Vanderpump Rules Season 5.

For the moment, we can breathe a sigh of relief because it seems that Brax is still going strong, despite bringing plenty of drama to Vanderpump Rules once again.