Chelsea Houska Announces Her Baby's Gender

Congratulations are in order for Chelsea Houska, Cole DeBoer, and Aubree: They're adding a little boy to their family! Houska and DeBoer revealed their baby's gender on Instagram Sunday night, sharing the sweetest gender reveal photos Teen Mom 2 has ever seen (and there have been pretty TM2 gender reveals). The pictures are totally the DeBoer family's ~aesthetic~ (please note the rustic theme and the plaid — so much plaid), and the best part of all is that the camera's focus is entirely on Baby Boy DeBoer. In fact, in the photo that Houska shared on Instagram, the parents' heads aren't even in the photo: The focus of the picture is a clothesline of adorable baby clothes, and Aubree's enormous grin. I can't with the adorable.

DeBoer shared a similar image on his Insta, with him and Houska embracing Aubree and looking at each other lovingly. In focus, again, is the clothesline of the cutest, most rustic baby clothes their side of South Dakota.

The reality star elaborated on her pregnancy and her family's excitement on her website.

"We are so excited to be adding a little guy to our family! His little closet is already filling up with plaid," she wrote. "I'm just about at 26 weeks and sooo close to the 3rd trimester, which means we will be in the home stretch. This little dude is constantly kicking and rolling around, and both his daddy and sister always have their hands on my belly to feel him."

And speaking of excitement, Houka's line about her hubby really cements the whole family's feeling about their soon-to-be-welcomed baby boy.

"Cole is the PROUDEST man I have ever seen," she wrote, "and cannot wait to have his son."

Congratulations to the entire DeBoer family on the newest addition to their family. Can't wait until his arrival!

Photo: MTV