Katy Perry's Adorable Dog Wants You To Vote

I think I speak for most Americans when I say that the 2016 presidential election has giving us all election year fatigue. During what has seemed like the longest year ever, everyone has had an opinion on who we should vote for, why we should vote, when we should vote... and I am so happy it's almost over. Many celebrities have been using their platforms to spread voting awareness (and their love for certain candidates), and now, Katy Perry is getting out the vote using her adorable dog, Nugget, in the cutest last-ditch effort to inspire people to get to the polls. And, really, it's what us tired Americans deserve at this point.

In this final day before one of the most historic election showdowns ever, I want to take care of my well-being and relax and simply enjoy videos of cute animals and, well, Perry delivered a painfully cute video of her dog with a great message to match. In the short video posted across her social media pages, Perry urges everyone to vote and to prepare a plan to make everything goes smoothly on Election Day.

I appreciate that Perry approached the subject in her playful style and remained true to her voice (much like she did in her Funny or Die voting PSA that came out in September), offering a bit of respite from the anxiety that awaits the entire country on Tuesday, Nov. 8. While it's cool that other celebrities take more serious angles when it comes to their campaigning, it's really hard to beat a dog as cute as Nugget asking you to vote. In the video, Perry notes that he can barely keep his little eyes open, but he is still voting, which means you can get out and do it, too!