Katy Perry Gets Naked To Get Out The Vote & It’s More Serious Than It Sounds — VIDEO

The Presidential debates of 2016 kicked off on Sept. 26 at Hofstra University, and boy, was this first one a doozy. The road up to the moment when Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton would face off against Republic nominee Donald Trump has been concerning, troubling, and above all, surprising at every turn, so this first debate was eye-opening for many reasons. The night certainly got people talking, especially about voting, and a certain pop star wants to keep that conversation going. Fresh off the debate, a Funny or Die video showing Katy Perry getting naked to vote was released. The clip is just one more way that Perry's continuing her mission to get people to vote, and it's just what young people need.

Funny or Die's Everyone Votes! campaign is all about getting people to register to vote and actually go out and do it on Election Day, and this particular video is about doing it no matter what you're wearing. In the video, Perry reads about her Constitutional right to vote, and to do so in whatever she slept in — albeit not if she sleeps nude, which she learns the wrong way.

Perry is one celebrity who has consistently made it her mission to get her fans to vote, and it's truly refreshing to see a pop star speak so openly about her passion, naked or not. Perry has a huge demographic of very young fans — and is the most followed person on Twitter — and her involvement in spreading the word seems to hit her close to her heart. Perry's entire pop persona has been based on spreading positive messages, and it's cool to see her use her playful and relatable voice to support issues that are serious.

Back in 2012, Perry was also very vocal in getting her fans to vote, but her passion seems to have hit fever pitch during this election cycle, particularly when it comes to her support for Clinton. Although Perry hasn't hidden the fact that she plans on voting for Clinton, much of her mission has been to simply inspire everyone to vote, regardless who they are supporting.

In the end, the 31-year-old is an inspiring pop star using her platform to assure that young people are exercising their right to vote for what they believe in. And there's no doubt that that's a very important thing.