13 Badass 'Game Of Thrones' Home Decor Items

From our overflowing bookshelves to our book-themed wardrobe to our novel-inspired decorations around the house, book nerds are known for going a little overboard when it comes to expressing their love for all things literary. If you're the kind of reader who dresses up as Khaleesi for Halloween, plans your Thanksgiving dinner around your favorite Lannister feasts, and throws themed viewing parties at the start of each season, then you should consider treating yourself to these Game of Thrones home decor items that will help you create your own Winterfell (or King's Landing, whichever you prefer.)

Whether you became addicted to it through George R. R. Martin's original books or the hit HBO adaptation, your obsession with Game of Thrones knows no bounds. During the show's hiatus and while you wait for the highly anticipated sixth book, you prowl the internet for teasers and spoilers. You the entire series in hardcover and paperback, and if you could, you would have pre-ordered The Winds of Winter already. You already plan on using Game of Thrones quotes in your wedding vows, because you know that there's a Khal Drogo out there for you somewhere. Next up: transforming your home into a dwelling worthy of the king (or queen) of the Iron Throne.

To take your house from Flea Bottom to Red Keep status, here are 13 Game of Thrones home decor items perfect for serious fans.

1. House Plaque

Home decor starts on the outside. Let visitors know how much you love Game of Thrones — and where loyalty lies — before they even enter your house by hanging a house plaque by your front door.

House Plaque, $38, Etsy

2. House Banner

Declare your loyalty by displaying your favorite house's banner somewhere in your home. Whenever you have friends over, they'll know who your family — aka bannermen — truly support.

Banner , $14, Amazon

3. Ned Stark Quote Wall Art

He may have died in the first book, but Ned Stark's memory has lived on throughout Martin's series. Remember the great patriarch in your home with wall art featuring his famous words of wisdom.

Wall Art, $10, Etsy

4. Hodor Door Stop

While you may not actually need a door stop for your home, you do need a Hodor door stop. Trust me, it's cleverness outweighs its uselessness.

Hodor Door Stop, $8, Etsy

5. Iron Throne Decal

While you may never sit on the actual Iron Throne, you can pretend whenever you go to the bathroom with a fun wall decal. Afterall, every King or Queen deserves a royal seat.

Wall Decal , $15, Amazon

6. Seasonal Throw Blanket

If you're going to decorate for the holidays, do it with Game of Thrones decor, including this Christmas themed throw blanket. Winter is coming no matter what you do, so you might as well at some nerdy cheer to it.

Throw blanket, $42, Society6

7. House-Themed Ornaments

Speaking of Christmas, make sure your tree is covered in Game of Throne-themed ornaments featuring the main house's sigils. They'll look great next to all of your other bookish ornaments.

Game of Throne-themed Ornaments , $17, Amazon

8. 3D Dragon Wall Decal

If you're looking for a statement piece for your home, look no further than these beautiful 3D dragon wall decals. Fun and funky, these decorations are worthy for a true Mother of Dragons.

3D Dragon Wall Decals, $14, Etsy

9. Dragon Egg Canister

Add a little magic to your kitchen with this beautiful dragon egg canister. The perfect place to stash all of your treasures — aka, the sweets you don't want to share — it's a fun way to introduce your bookish obsessions to one of the best rooms in the house.

Dragon Egg Canister, $30, Think Geek

10. Spreader

True Game of Thrones fans understand how important food is. Make sure that, when you have company over, you have the appropriate serving utensils, like a punny "Game of Scones" spreader. Your bookish guests will love it.

"Game of Scones" spreader, $17, Etsy

11. Daenerys Wall Tapestry

Men might have ruled the realm for centuries before, but women are about to take over Westeros. This Daenerys wall tapestry.

Wall Tapestry, $33, Society6

12. Pillow Covers

Perfect for getting comfortable on the couch during Game of Thrones binging sessions, these "Winter Is Coming" pillow covers will transform your TV room into the perfect viewing den. Great to put out seasonally or all year round, they're the perfect finishing touch in any queen's living room.

"Winter Is Coming" pillow covers , $8, Amazon

13. Quote Poster

George R. R. Martin's series has so many different quotable lines, you could like your entire house with framed prints of them all. But if you're going to pick one, you can't go wrong with Syrio's classic and powerful words, "Not today death," beautifully printed on a vintage dictionary page.

Vintage dictionary page, $9, Etsy

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